Private Lessons (One on One Swim Lessons)

Instruction and feedback given through one on one interaction with a coach or teacher can greatly benefit the development of an individual's swimming career.  This is especially true when the individual is young, new to the sport, or has special needs.  At Newburgh Sea Creatures, our AquaSchool instructors are happy to provide private lessons to all individuals who are new to swimming that desire to be taught in this setting.  We also offer these lessons to competitive team members.

  • Student / Instructor Ratio: 1:1 or 2:1
  • Session Duration: 1 private lesson
  • Lesson Duration:  30 minutes
  • Cost:  Instructor pending
  • Times:  Private lesson times are agreed upon between the instructor and member in advance of the lesson.

In order to set up a private lesson, please contact your AquaSchool instructor of choice to make a private lesson request.  The instructor will arrange a time for the private lesson.  A list of our staff can be found in the chart below.

If you are a currently enrolled in NSC, billing for swim lessons will occur automatically every two weeks.  For new private lessons swimmers, please register then once you have enrolled, billing will occur automatically every two weeks.

Available Instructors
You will find a list of available private lessons instructors and their contact information below.

Instuctor Name

Preferred Contact

Instuctor Name

Preferred Contact

Lynsey Opell

812 - 499-6802

Hannah Beaven

812 - 629 - 1104

PJ Rice

812 - 550 - 4909

Hannah Haerle

812 - 573 - 9896

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