NSC Sea Serpents

JOIN THE FUN! The Sea Serpents group was created to provide an atmosphere of aquatic enjoyment & self improvement in the pool for kids who love to swim and want to advance their skills within the sport. This is not the competitive team which means NO SERVICE HOUR OR COMPETITION REQUIREMENTS.

Our trained staff will work with your child on all 4 competitive strokes and introduce them to racing skills such as turns & streamlines. They will also gain endurance through drills & kicking. Swimmers will receive a good workout while being part of a team.

  • Session Length: 6 weeks or 12 classes
  • Class Days/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 5:30 - 6:30p
  • Class Limit: 30 students
  • Cost: $120.00 ($10.00 per lesson)
  • Entry Requirements: Must be capable of completing the following tasks without the assistance of an instructor or floatation device:
    • 50 freestyle with proper breathing
    • 50 backstroke

Session Dates & Registration

  • Summer: June 22 - July 29
  • Fall 1: August 10 - September 16 (New member registration opens July 26)
  • Fall 2: September 28 - November 4 (New member registration opens September 13)
  • Winter 1: November 16 - December 28 (New member registration opens November 1)
  • Winter 2: January 4 - February 15 (New member registration opens December 20)
  • Spring 1:  February 22 - April 7 (New member registration opens February 7)
  • Spring 2:  April 19 - May 26 (New member registration opens April 4)
  • Summer:  June 7 - July 14 (New member registration opens May 23)

Cancelled Classes: We make every effort to offer 12 classes each session. In the event a class is cancelled, make-up classes will not be scheduled.

Waitlist: If your class is currently full, we encourage you to register for the waitlist. This will provide you priority access should a spot come available. We will communicate with you via email when a spot becomes available. Regular class and waitlist registration will close 3 weeks after the start of classes. Please do not register for the waitlist unless you plan to attend classes in the current session.

Prorated Dues: If you join the session late, we will prorate your dues by providing you a credit in the amount of the missed classes which can be applied to your next session.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding registration or our Sea Serpents program, contact Todd Kaho at [email protected]


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