Our Origins & Competitive Swim Team

The Newburgh Sea Creatures were founded in 1970 with the vision of creating a competitive swim team that allowed the kids of Southern Indiana the opportunity of advancing their swimming skills as far as their dreams could take them.


Throughout our history, our coaches have had the privilege of developing some of the finest athletes to represent the Tri-State. Below are a few accomplishments which exemplify our competitive team’s proud history:​

  • Two Olympians (Bryce Hunt and Lilly King) 
  • Five United States National Team Members (Hunt, Klueh, Opell, King, and Jenkins)
  • Five-time Club excellence Award recipient (top competitive teams in the USA)
  • Multiple national age group records
  • Women’s 15-16 200 Medley Relay (Brown, King, Jensen, Treski) 2015
  • Lilly King 100M breaststroke 2015
  • Lilly King 200M breaststroke 2015
  • 50+ NSC graduates have swam in college


We’re More than a Competitive Team

It is our organization's mission to teach swimming and maximize every individual's potential as an athlete, role model, and leader regardless of their ability. Since its creation, the club has evolved to offer a variety of programs to better serve the community.  Below are our most popular Aqua-School (non-competitive team) programs and their function and accomplishments:

  • Learn to Swim (group swim lessons)
    • ​​​​​Regarded by many as the premier swim lessons program in the Tri-state, we have taught 500+ children how to swim since 2012
  • Sea Serpents (advanced swim lessons)
    • Our program that transitions children from fundamental and life-saving swim techniques to competitive swimming boasts an 80% retention rate
  • Adult Swim Fit (adult swim training group)
    • ​​Our Adult Swim Fit program offers a training group and community for intermediate to advanced swimmers looking to stay in shape and meet friends. Since 2016, the program has averaged between 20 - 40 members at each practice. This is the place to be for triathletes and swammers!