September Newsletter

We hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!  See attached for our first newsletter of the season.  Also, we wanted to clarify a few things that we've had some questions about the past week and offer some reminders to all families.

1. The movie on 9/22 is only for registered NSC club swimmers.  Siblings are not invited as our insurance will not cover them in the pool.  

2.  Parents and Masters Swimmers - please do not park in (even temporarily) or use the handicap parking spaces for loading and unloading zones.   This is something the school (and we) take very seriously.

4.  All children 14 and under need to be walked into the pool (exception is the Jr High kids who get off at the HS from their bus).  Sometimes groups have already moved to another area of the school for dry lands or there is an imporant announcement posted.  Having childen locked out of the pool or wandering the school looking for their group by themselves poses a safety issue.

5.  We are working on a place that people can pay by check in the lobby since parents are supposed to stay off the pool deck.  However, ideally swimmers (including masters) will mail their monthly payments to our PO Box - NSC, PO Box 42, Newburgh 47629.  This is the safest way to make sure your payment gets to the proper person.

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