9/22 Parent Meeting Info from Age Group Coaches

 Season Opening Parent Meeting

The purpose of this parent meeting is to give all of you a picture of what the coaching staff expects to get out of this season. I want everyone to leave here tonight with a better understanding of what we are doing here and what to expect throughout the season.


Where the parents can sit

Who gets the coaches attention? Handout- “playing favorites”

How to contact the coaches


– Handout

Coaches Expectations of the Swimmer

Coaches Expectation of the Parent

What to Expect from the Coach


– Handout

How prep will train (12 ½‘s and 25’s, mission statement, prep training cycle, prep groupers in meets)

What are Streamline, Long Axis, Short Axis and DTCP?

Prep Equipment

Where to meet up with the coach

Prep Group Mock Meets

What do you do at a swim meet?

– Handout

How comp groups will train (mission statement, goal cards, tech ranking, progress sheets, quality and 12 1/2‘s 25’s, group requirements)

Competitive Groups Equipment

Where to meet up with the coach

Coming to practice – Punctuality, swimming sick/hurt/unprepared/wrong attitude –coach will expect the same out of you.

End of season/Championship Meets –qualified swimmers are expected to represent the team at the seasons championship meet.

No more equipment left at pool for Green, White and Black 1.


Who chooses the swimmer’s events?

Scratches at meets and checking in before you leave after your events

Why no times at the first meet?

Meet Schedule – Hand out

Meet attendance – What is an appropriate number of meets in the season?

Required meets - All NSC hosted meets, Divisional Meet, State Meet

Championship team relays – who gets on relay teams? All relay team decisions will be at the coach’s discretion. Not all groups of four swimmers that combine to make a qualifying relay will represent the team in a championship meet.

·          Divisional team relays needs to have a minimum of two swimmers with divisional time standards.

·          State team relays needs to have a minimum of two swimmers with state cuts and the remaining swimmers need BB time standards.


Monthly Group Meetings

Prep Together– Directly following each Prep Mock Meet. These will be 5-15 minute meetings where Coach Meagan goes over any necessary info and is available for questions. 

Green, White, Black, SD Together- TBA