Please Help!


NSC Families,

Divisionals is just three days away and our volunteer slots are only 70% full.  At this point, nearly 100% of families are working this weekend.  If your child is swimming, we need your family to help while you are there! Even if your child is not swimming and you have signed up for your required session, you are invited to sign up more as well!  We'll put anyone and everyone to work - grandma, neighbor, mailman, we don't care!

We have several timer slots open . . . this allows you to be on deck and close to the action.  Afraid of timing?  Don't be!  We will help train you at the meet that day!  Filling these spots is CRITICAL to running the meet.

We don't ask families to time or work concessions at finals.  We hire CHS band to come work those sessions to alleviate the volunteer need and allow families to leave when their child is done swimming for the evening.  We ask that you consider working the earlier sessions.

The 11 and over prelim session and the 10 and under session should both be shorter sessions.  So please, reach into your giving spirits and help out one more time this year!

Based on volunteer sign up status tomorrow, I will have no choice to ask yet another group to help with the meet.  This will mean additional monies paid for volunteer hours and less net revenue for the club.

Thanks again for your support!  We're looking forward to a great weekend!