Last Minute Divisional Reminders!

The kids are excited, the pool is ready and we are going to have an AWESOME meet this weekend!  I wanted to touch base on a few items - please read if you are working or have a child swimming.

1.  Please make sure to double check your volunteer times.  They may not correspond with warm up times for your child.  Also, double check warm up times in the meet entry letter on the Divisional tab of the website.

2.  Please wear your green NSC volunteer shirt, but don't worry if you don't have one.  We will be providing t-shirts to wear during the sessions for timers.

3.  IMPORTANT - NO CAMERAS ON DECK!  This is an IN Swimming rule and will be strictly enforced and applies to ALL volunteers.  We will have an official photographer at the meet.  You can sign up in the lobby for specific races.  She will be taking candids throughout the weekend and will get pictures of every awards ceremony.  She will have information at the meet about how to order pictures. 

4.  Deck access is very closely monitored at this meet by our meet marshals.  These are parent volunteers that have been entrusted with the safety of the pool deck during this meet.  Please be respectful of the rules.  If you are not a volunteer with a reason to be on deck, you will be asked to leave.  If you need to reach your child, ask a marshal or official to get your child (or coach).

5.  Finally, we know there is the potential for severe weather tomorrow afternoon.  We will post any updates/changes on the website under the divisional tab.

Thanks everyone!  Let's have a great meet!