NSC Swim A Thon and Season Transition Info


Hello Everyone,


The 2011/2012 Short Course Season has been a great success!  Our Newburgh Sea Creature club has grown in volume and talent with increasing active membership and some of the strongest swims in SCY Divisionals, Senior State, and Age Group State our team has had in years.  Of special note is our AGS NSC team placing 12th overall in Indianalast eve with across the pool great swims and several podium finishes.  In addition to our competitive side, NSC's sponsored "Learn to Swim" and Masters programs continue to grow...further contributing to a bright NSC and HS swimming future.  In an effort to continuously improve the club, a survey has been created for you to provide feedback on the 2012 Short Course Season.  Your input will allow us to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as a club.  To complete the survey, log into your account and click in the “About NSC” tab and select the “SC Parent Survey”


As NSC continues to wrap up its short course season with this past weekend's AgeGroupState and our upcoming Short Course banquet/auction on April 20th, we'd like to announce our first annual NSC Swimathon!  


What is a Swimathon?


Our Swimathon will be a fun event which provides motivation by setting goals to personally challenge swimmers in order to achieve for a great cause.


Fun?  The Swimathon will be held the evening of Saturday April 28th at CastleHigh Schoolin a party-like atmosphere.  We'll have music and plenty of pitch-in food (details later about the feast that will follow after the swimmers finish).  Parents will be expected to count laps on deck for their kids....imagine parents counting at the end of 20 lanes while their kids are in the pool swimming their hearts out!  


The purpose of the Swimathon is really two-fold:  In addition to supporting a charity and team equipment purchases, the Swimathon will be a team-building event for swimmers, coaches, and NSC families.  The kids will set goals (with a little help from their coaches) and demonstrate their increasing ability in the sport while their parents get to know each other a little bit on deck in a fun relaxed environment.


Our Swimathon will raise money for charity (to be announced soon), equipment purchases, and events of direct benefits to our swimmers.  In addition to a generous contribution to charity, Swimathon money on any given year could perhaps fund the purchase of an underwater camera, swimmer clinics, training equipment, etc....all of which will be beneficial to swimmers and our NSC program. 


All NSCers will be expected to participate in the Swimathon.  Beyond the April 28th Saturday Night fun, an added incentive will be a waive of the $50 annual family fee provided swimmers pledge more than their $50 fee.


Expect an announcement soon on the selected charity, Swimathon hours, food contributions, and pledge details.


Season Transition – Long Course (Summer) Season 2012


We hope all Senior and Age Group swimmers are enjoying a much deserved break from the water this week and next.  Practice resumes on Tuesday April 3rd for the beginning of the Long Course (Summer) Season.  Historically, at this point in the year, we deactivate every family’s account and ask you to re-register for summer.  This year, we have decided to leave all accounts active for the summer season.  If your swimmer is not returning to the water in April, or decides to take a break at some point later in the season, please notify us as soon as you know your plans to avoid dues charges!


Thank you....NSC