Hello Sea Creatures and Families!


NSC has teamed up with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) for their first annual Swimathon to be held the evening of Saturday April 28th.  JDRF is a top rated charity and the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.  And through this year's Swimathon, Newburgh Sea Creatures will be in the Castle High School Natatorium swimming for their own goals and toward a generous contribution to JDRF.


JDRF has touched the lives of many with type 1 diabetes.  The increased awareness has eased the lives of adults, teens, and juveniles who have T1D.  In addition to the ultimate goal of finding a cure to diabetes, JDRF has provided sound advice on dealing with topics such as eating, driving, medication, and other daily challenges of the disease.  


JDRF and diabetes also hits close to home.  In addition to a few Sea Creature parents and several Sea Creature grandparents who have diabetes, at least one of our top Sea Creature swimmers also has diabetes.  


The venture of an NSC Swimathon to raise money for both our NSC club and JDRF makes sense.  Our Swimathon will promote a healthy lifestyle of swimming exercise while drawing further awareness to a quality cause...while recognizing one of our own swimmers who functions fully as an NSC swimmer with the challenges of diabetes.


Information will follow later this week on how Sea Creature Swimmers can begin recruiting family and friends to donate to this worthy cause.  The donations will be electronic (online website) for ease of collection and donation.  Included will be a formatted letter (with electronic link to donation website) that swimmers can use to send out to family and friends...which you can personalize as you wish. 


Remember.....for each family that raises a minimum of $50 for the Swimathon, the annual $50 NSC family fee is waived. 


Thank You!

Tim Eisenhut and Lynn Schnautz

Swim A Thon Co-Chairs