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Swimming is a fantastic sport for all ages and backgrounds! Not only does it help to keep you in shape and healthy, but it also builds character, teamwork, lifelong friendships, leadership skills, and so much more! The benefits provided by joining a Minnesota Swimming Club are endless! Click here to see a handful of membership benefits.

Below are some details on how to find the right club and membership for you:

Premium, Outreach, Flex, and Seasonal Memberships

Minnesota Swimming offers four types of Memberships for Athletes: Premium, Outreach, Flex, and Seasonal. Each Membership type has different benefits and costs. Membership applications can be found here.

Premium Membership:

Our Premium membership is perfect for the kid who loves swimming on a team. This membership allows kids (and families) to unlock all the premium benefits including unlimited swim meets, Splash magazine four times per year, team recognition programs, scholastic recognition programs, access to camps and so much more! Whether kids want to just get fit or go fast, this membership opens the opportunity into meets ranging from local, state, regional, national and international competition at the Olympic Games.

Outreach Membership:

In order to provide competitive swimming opportunities to the under-represented and/or economically disadvantaged youth, the Athlete Outreach membership is provided to eligible athletes at no cost by Minnesota Swimming and at a reduced rate by USA Swimming. For more info on the Outreach Membership requirements, see the 2021 Athlete Outreach Memberships Fee Waiver Application, or contact [email protected].

Flex Membership:

The Flex membership is designed for kids who want to experience swimming on a team. This membership includes the option for two swim meets per year. It’s perfect for busy families who want to get a feel for the sport and pre-team competition and allow the time flexibility to still participate in other sports and activities. Note: Not all Clubs offer Flex Memberships.

Seasonal Membership:

The Seasonal membership is valid for a single season (April to August). With this membership, there is no limit to the amount of meets that the athlete can swim in that season, but the meets  must be below the Zone, Sectional, and National levels.


How to Join A MNswim Club!

Joining a Minnesota Swimming Club is easy! Just follow these four steps to get started:

1. Use our Find-a-Club map to find a team in your area.

2. Contact the club to learn if it's a good fit for you.

3. Fill out the required forms, and...

4. Start developing your skills and friendships with your new team!

If you have any questions about Memberships or joining a club, please contact [email protected].