Membership Benefits


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The national registration fee for USA Swimming supports the broad menu of programs and services.

Membership fees help provide the infrastructure through which USA Swimming promotes and delivers thsp;sport, and controls the end quality of the swimming product.  

USA Swimming’s overall package of programs and services provide great value to our athletes, clubs, coaches, and others. USA Swimming is widely recognized in the youth sports industry as the USA’s most successful national governing body of Olympic sport.  

The following is just a sampling of additional benefits each member group – athletes, clubs, and coaches:


  1. Eligibility to participate in sanctioned competition throughout 59 Local Swim Committees (LSCs) that provide several levels of development for swimmers of all ages and abilities.
  2. Receipt of Splash Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine publication for athlete members
  3. Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus Mobile Apps
  4. Opportunity to create a personal Deck Pass Page on the USA Swimming website complete with a record of the swimmer’s best times, swim meet performances, power point scores, and I.M. Extreme scores as well as Deck Pass digital patches for achievements at practice and at competitions
  5. Real-time rankings provided by the SWIMS database including the Annual Top 10 Times List and All Time Top 100 List
  6. The I.M. Xtreme Challenge and IM Ready programs
  7. The most comprehensive website of any national governing body providing information that serves and is structured by the different membership categories.
  8. The USA Swimming Camp Program offers five different levels of camp programs including LSC Spirit Camps, Zone Select Camps, National Select Camps, Open Water Select Camp, and the Diversity Select Camp.
  9. Scholastic All-American Program
  10. Excess Accident Medical Insurance



  1. A multi-faceted field service program that offers consultants and experts that visit clubs and coaches providing support and assistance for everything from club administration, club governance, parent education, and coach mentoring.

  2. Officials’ certification and education programs that help ensure safe and fair competitions.

  3. Club Excellence Program

  4. Club Recognition Program

  5. Virtual Club Championships

  6. Club Leadership & Business Management School (CLBMS)

  7. Facilities Development Department that provides resources to teams and communities trying to build new pools, renovate existing facilities, and/or more effectively operate facilities.

  8. Regional Build a Pool Conferences

  9. Save a Pool Workshops

  10. Swim-A-Thon

  11. Club Portal on website

  12. Find-a-Club Search Function on website

  13. Sample Club Documents

  14. Parent Education programs and resources

  15. “Swim Today” Membership Recruiting Campaign

  16. Altitude Training Opportunities for Clubs and LSCs

  17. USA Swimming Network

  18. Sports medicine and Science Network

  19. A comprehensive liability and excess liability insurance program designed for competitive swimming.


  1. Ongoing Field Service support & consulting program

  2. Master Coach Program

  3. Regional Coaches Clinics

  4. Online Coach Clinic Series

  5. Coach Owner Seminar

  6. National Age Group Coaches Conference

  7. Foundations of Coaching Education program

  8. Swim Essentials DVD

  9. Out of the Box Open Water DVD

  10. Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus Mobile Apps

  11. Video Review Services at championship meets

  12. Coaches’ track at national-level Select Camps

  13. USA-S website

  14. Weekly Coaches Connection Email Blasts

Other Benefits:

Car Rental Rates

In an effort to maintain a high level of benefits and service to member clubs, USA Swimming is extending its negotiated rental car, van and SUV pricing with National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car  to all USA Swimming Member Clubs. This discounted rate is valid during USA Swimming sanctioned events, meets, practices or approved social events. Not only does this deal include a very good rental rate, but this negotiated pricing also includes full insurance.

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