Mission, Core Values, Vision


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Our Mission: To serve athletes and the swimming community by providing great experiences in and out of the water.

Our Core Values: Integrity. Sportsmanship. Pursuit of Excellence. Fun.

Integrity. It’s about more than what you do: it’s also about your intention when you are doing it. Trust, communication, fairness and consistency…and following the rules because they are fair to all and consistently applied.

Sportsmanship. Respect, safety and caring—for one’s self and others, and for the time and effort of all who are involved. Sportsmanship is evident in what you say to others and what you do to be better and make it better for everyone.

Pursuit of Excellence. Excellence is about the journey: giving your best effort and continually trying to improve—as an athlete, an official, a coach, a teammate, a fan or a volunteer. The pursuit builds satisfaction today and life skills for tomorrow.

Fun. Because having fun drives engagement and makes efforts even more worthwhile.

Our Vision: To lead youth sports in participation, opportunity, performance, and service.

Minnesota Swimming is YOU... it is you the athlete, you the coach, you the official, you the parent, you the volunteer. It is everyone who participates in our sport...by supporting those in competition, or by directly competing.