Promotions Policy

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  1. Events may be promoted through Minnesota Swimming Inc. (MNSI) prior to the event for a fee.                   

    1. MNSI may monetize its communication media including postings on the MNSI website and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram via “likes,” in order to promote events (e.g. clinics, camps, seminars, webinars, and lessons).       

    2. MNSI also may solicit sponsors for MNSI-hosted events (i.e. Senior State Meet).                   

  2. Organizations within the LSC will be given more favorable consideration (i.e. pricing) than those from outside the LSC for their events.

  3. News stories may be submitted and/or published on the LSC website (and published to Facebook/Twitter accounts) to highlight event accomplishments, during or after the event has taken place. When multiple individuals from multiple clubs are involved in an event, all accomplishments will be consolidated into a single story or posting. News stories will be done at no cost and the host club will be named, but no links to the host club will be created in the article or posting.  

  4. News stories about athletes with Minnesota affiliations—club, college, place of residence or other—may be submitted and published and their club affiliations named. This will be done at no cost and the affiliated club or organization will be named, but no links to the host club will be created in the article.

  5. News stories about nationally prominent athletes (i.e. national, junior national, or national para teams; national or world record holders) who are “visiting” Minnesota or have a tie to the LSC may be submitted and published and their affiliations named. This will be done at no cost and the affiliated club or organization will be named, but no links to the host club will be created in the article.

  6. The use of email to distribute information to MNSI managed address lists about non-MN LSC events or opportunities is prohibited. This does not apply to address lists or services where recipients have voluntarily opted-in to specifically receive announcements about non-MN LSC events or opportunities by email. Recipients reserve the right to voluntarily opt-out of such address lists or services.

  7. MNSI reserves the right to refuse to publicize or remove an event if it is deemed by MNSI not to be aligned with the interests or core values of its members.

  8. DISCLAIMER:  Posting or advertising an event or organization using MNSI media cannot be construed as a recommendation for or endorsement of the event, product or service being advertised. MNSI may provide links to other Internet sites for informational purposes and the convenience of its users; it does not endorse the products or services that the linked organizations offer. When users select a link to an external Web site, they are leaving the MNSI website and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the external site. Furthermore, MNSI does not control or guarantee the currency, accuracy, relevance, or completeness of information found on linked, external Web sites.

  9. Exceptions may be made to promote events for no fee:           

    1. USA Swimming-sponsored events (including LSC-sanctioned meets taking place outside of the LSC or an approved meet within the MN-LSC such as the Midwest Youth Athletic Services spring meet at the University); high school or collegiate championship meets, which may be publicized prior to the event as a news story if there is no profit for an individual or club in the LSC.

    2. Exceptions also may be made for requests for volunteers to help with an event or for fundraisers that are designed to support a cause that is in keeping with MNSI’s mission or core values and the interests of its members, as long as it is not an initiative that financially benefits a specific individual or club in the LSC (e.g. soliciting volunteers to support a Minnesota Special Olympics event or a fund-raiser to support the building or renovation of a competition swimming pool).           

  10. Exceptions may be made to promote suppliers/vendors where the arrangement is quid pro quo – i.e. a discount is provided to clubs or fees are waived in exchange for a link to the supplier/vendor’s website.

  11. Promotions or sponsorships intended to solicit memberships for a specific club are prohibited from being advertised on the LSC website.

  12. The MNSI Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of this policy. The Executive Director may collaborate with the Administrative Vice Chair in those instances where a promotion or sponsorship matter is deemed outside the scope of this policy.

  13. This policy will be reviewed for updates and changes as determined necessary, by the Administrative Vice Chair and Executive Director.

This policy is effective January 10, 2015

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