Minnesota Swimming—Athlete Resources & Documents

Please note that USA Swimming memberships are only valid for ONE calendar year.  Non-athletes, Year round athletes, and club memberships all expire at the end of each calendar year.  Seasonal memberships are valid for about 4 months, typically from early April through late August of each year. Because the calendar year and the fiscal year overlap by 4 months, renewals of any Year-Round memberships may take place as early as September 1 and be valid for the next membership year (which will end on December 31 of the following calendar year). After August 31st of each year, we can no longer accept memberships from the previous registration year. Please use only the latest (most recently dated) forms (found below) and discard any old ones.

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Athlete Member Registration & Transfer Forms

2019 Athlete Premium (year-round) Membership Application (PDF - DOC)
2019 Athlete Transfer Form (PDF - DOC)

Outreach Athlete Registration & Waiver Forms

2019 Outreach Athlete (year-round) Registration Application (PDF - DOC)

2019 Outreach (year-round) Athlete Fee Waiver (PDF)

Seasonal Athlete Registration

2019 Seasonal Athlete App (PDF - DOC)

2019 "Open Water" Single Meet Athlete App (PDF - DOC)

Other Documents

120 Day USA-S Registration Rule

School USA-S Registration Rule

Notification of Membership in USA-Swimming
Scholastic All-American Application

Minnesota Swimming—Concussion Awareness

The below is a link to information for athletes, parents, and guardians about the nature and risks of continuing to perform and participate after incurring a concussion. 
Information may be found from the CDC at www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/youth.html . You may select the appropriate link for Fact Sheets and more.

Please note: Minnesota state law sets out that any nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity for which a fee is charged, must require all participating coaches and officials to receive initial online training at least once every three calendar years consistent with the Concussion in Youth Sports online training program available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site.

Click here to see more information including the statute.

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