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Scholastic All-Americans are athletes who are recognized both for their success in academics and swimming. 

Applications are CLOSED for 2019.

Note: Applications may only be submitted online. Applicants must have a USA Swimming account. Qualifying pool times will be validated through Times on the USAS website (time must be in SWIMS). Applicant will be required to upload a transcript for the complete academic year. Applicant must have been a member at the time of the swim and a current member when applying for the 2018-19 SAA team. 

Applicant must have all application documents completed by August 15, 2019. Late applications will NOT be accepted or considered.

2018-2019 Scholastic All-American Team

On September 9, 2019, USA Swimming announced the 2018-2019 Scholastic All-American Team. The team includes 42 swimmers from Minnesota, representing 16 clubs across the LSC. Congratulations to the following members of the 2018-19 USA Swimming Scholastic All-American Team:


Grade completion requirement – applicant must have completed 9th, 10th 11th or 12th grade

GPA Requirement – minimum 3.5 GPA for the current academic year

A=4, B=3, C=2. If numerical grades are used, the following scale will be used unless the school’s letter grade conversion is given on the transcript: A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79. In calculating the GPA no rounding will be used – one decimal place only.

Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual credit college level academic courses will earn one half (.5) extra Grade Point. Grades for academic subjects only are calculated – history/social studies, English, mathematics, sciences, foreign languages, computer sciences, visual and performing arts if indicated as academic. A grade lower than a C in an academic subject will mean automatic rejection of the applicant. Grades for non-academic courses will NOT be calculated – art, band, choir, orchestra, health, driver education, physical education, and any other class marked non-academic on a transcript.

There will be no special status designation for a 4.0 GPA other than for a national champion who also has a 4.0 GPA.

Pool Requirements

Applicants must have swum an individual pool time equal to a 2018 Winter Junior qualifying time in any individual event during the SAA qualifying period (August 16, 2018 – August 15, 2019) with qualifying times in SWIMS – list of times are posted on the USA Swimming website. A qualifying time will be available for selection from the SWIMS database during the application process. Only ONE time is necessary and only ONE application is necessary.

Disability or Open Water Requirements (for athletes without pool requirements)

Applicants must have competed in one of the following meets:

2018 US Para National Championships - December 14-16, 2018, Tucson, AZ
2019 World Para World Series - April 4-6, 2019, Indianapolis, IN
2019 Can Am Para Swimming Championships - July 12-14, 2019, Vancouver, BC
2019 World Para - July 29-Aug 4, 2019, Kuching, Malaysia
2019 Open Water National Championships - May 3-5, 2019, Miami, FL