Pool Facility Development Grant Program

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The Pool Facility Development Grant Program provides a supplemental source of funds to support efforts to build or renovate pools that will benefit members of MSI on a broad basis. Since the program began in 2012 MNSI has authorized over $250,000 toward pool projects.

Application Due Dates

Pool Facility Development Grant Applications are due on or before April 1 or October 1.


In order to be eligible for grant funding, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

The request must come from a Group Member (club) of MNSI.

The pool must be located and available to be used by members of Minnesota Swimming, within the Minnesota Swimming (LSC) boundaries as defined by USA Swimming.

A principle source(s) of funding for the project must be identified and the applicant must explain how that source(s) is engaged.

Instructions and information

Pool Facility Development Grant Application (WORD)

Pool Facility Development Grant Application (PDF)


Full instructions and specific questions are included in the application. Guidelines for grant requests and the range amounts previously approved are listed, as well as examples of requests not intended for the program.

Completed applications and any supplementary material are reviewed by a five-person committee appointed by the General Chair of MNSI. Decisions on applications are made as soon as it is administratively feasible for the committee after April 1 or October 1.

Eligible organizations who submitted an application in the past may apply again. 

If you are unsure about your organization’s eligibility or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MNSI Executive Director:

Danielle Wentzel, Executive Director
[email protected]