Coach Mentorship Program

Minnesota Swimming and USA Swimming continue to together to provide mentorship opportunities for coaches. 

I.  Purpose

Minnesota Swimming (MNswim) is committed to the development of its coach members and to the ultimate development of our member clubs. 

Member clubs have the opportunity to participate in a Coach Mentor Program, designed to develop young or new coaches, and/or to help programs that are new, small or growing. This program provides Coach Mentors as well as funding to reimburse expenses incurred by the coach traveling for mentorship.

II.      Program Details

Coaches submitting the application can request to visit the site of another club or request that a coach visit their site. Each site visit will last one to two days, one night.

Mentoring coaches should provide education and recommendations to the best of their knowledge and ability regarding best practices, policies, and general coaching items while working with the applicant. Each Mentor will be expected to tailor recommendations based upon their observations, although a guideline will be provided to them.

Either Coach Applicants or Coach Mentors can submit a grant request of up to $500 to offset costs of incurred expenses (i.e. travel, hotel and meals); all requests will be tied to a specific application. These grants will be funded from the pool of $5,000, created by MSI and USA Swimming funds for the program in 2016. Each grant will be reviewed and approved by the Coach Mentor Program Committee on a first-come first-serve basis.

Jan. 1 – January 15, 2019 – Receive Coach Mentorship Program Grant Applications  

June 30, 2019 – Complete mentorships

Applicants and coaches are encouraged to continue communication after the mentorship.

III.   Applicant Eligibility

All applicants must:

Be a current USA Swimming non-athlete coach member registered within the LSC

Fill out the LSC Coach Mentorship application and submit all required information at least 20 days prior to the intended mentorship dates and no later than the extended deadline of January 15, 2019

Complete the mentorship by the extended deadline of June 30, 2019

Submit an evaluation within 14 days of completion

IV.   Expenses Reimbursement

To be reimbursed for expenses, a grant request must be on file.

Funds will be provided to offset costs of travel, lodging, and meals (at the Federal per diem amount in accordance with LSC policy; see current per diems linked at right). Funds may be used to pay for meals for both the applicant and mentor coaches if they have dined together.

Mentors and/or Applicants submit reimbursement requests within 14 days of completed mentoring.  

V.    Evaluations

Applicants shall complete an evaluation/survey within 14 days of completing the mentorship including information about what they learned; 

Mentors shall complete an evaluation/survey within 14 days of completing the mentorship including information about what they shared/taught. 

The forms linked below are valid for applications submitted through January 15, 2019



PER DIEMS (to be updated for 2019)





Coach Mentorship Process Overview