Meet Management Documents

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Important Information for Hosting Meets | Entry Chair Quick Reference

Before the Meet

Instructions and Sanction Forms

Entry Guidelines for MSI Meets

Before the Meet Instruction form:  Before the Meet (updated July, 2018)

E-Mail Sanction Request  (updated July, 2018)

Sanction Checklist (updated July, 2018)
ATTN MEET DIRECTORS: Please print a copy of this to reference and make sure you are sending files and reports as required.

Border Meet Policy and Procedure (v.2014-05) 

FINA New Rules for Timing Resolutions Effective 5/1/16

Meet Information Template

(Note: For Time Standards, see Meets/Time Standards; for zoning see Meet Schedule.)

This template has fillable fields in order to make creation of your meet easier, and to enable Minnesota Swimming to sanction your meet more quickly. ALL MEETS for the 2019-2020 season that are an invitational, intrasquad, dual, tri, quad or conference meet MUST use this template.

Fillable Meet Template (Upd. 7/10/19)

Meet Template Instructions (9/1/2018)

Please note: If you want to host an Approved (versus sanctioned) Meet please contact Sheryl McGuire, to get the template to be used.

Additional Forms

Meet Entry Form (9/1/2018)

Equipment Rental (9/1/2019)

Equipment Troubleshooting Guide (rev. 5-1-2012)

Meet Marshal Guideline Cards (rev. 5-2017-CURRENT)

Applicable Policies

Unattached Club Names/Naming Standards (rev 12-2018)

4-Hour Rule Policy & Procedure  (9/1/2018)

5-Hour Rule Policy & Procedure (9/1/2018)

Open Lanes Policy (9/1/2018)

After the Meet

Instructions and Registration Reports

Instruction form: After the Meet (incl. meets using TouchPad)
   .pdf version (Upd. July, 2019)

Swim Meet Registration Report  (Upd. 9/2019)
 Printable (PDF   Docx)     Fill-In (Docx)

Meet Evaluations

Financial Reports

Non Championship Meets Financial Reports

To be used if you held a Bid Invitational Meet, Intrasquad, Dual, Tri, Quad, and C/Pre-C Conference Meet:

Non-Championship Meets Financial Reports Excel Workbook (9/1/2018)
Please notify MSI Webmaster or Sanction Coordinator if you see anything that needs corrections.

Championship Meets Financial Reports

To be used if you held one of the following meets: MAC/MRC and State Meet:

Championship Meets Financial Reports Excel Workbook (9/1/2018)
Please notify MSI Webmaster or Sanction Coordinator if you see anything that needs corrections.

Please note: Page 2 of the Financial Report - Teams have not been returning this report after their meet.  USA Swimming requires this being returned.  IF Pg. 2 is not returned we will follow USA Swimming’s penalty and your sanction deposit will NOT be returned.  See “C” below. 

202.2.11  The issuing LSC shall receive the following information regarding finances from every organization receiving a sanction except for events sponsored by USA Swimming:

A.  The LSC shall also require the organization to which a sanction has been granted to file, within 45 days after the event, a financial statement setting forth all receipts and disbursements in connection with the sanctioned event.

B.  The LSC may at any time require the organization to furnish, within 15 days after written request, all receipts and vouchers relating to the sanctioned event.

C.  No sanction to hold any athletic event of any kind shall thereafter be issued to an organization who has failed or refused to file with the LSC any statement or affidavit required under any subdivision of this section, until the statement or affidavit is filed, or until such time as the LSC may determine.

During the Meet


2020 On Deck Premium Registration (Year-Round) Athlete (PDF - DOC) [Valid 9/1/19]

2020 On Deck Registration Outreach Athlete (PDF - DOC) [Valid 9/1/19]

2020 On Deck Registration Flex Athlete (PDF - DOC)


Below are templates that teams can use to print certificates for their invitational/dual/tri/quad meets. You can add your swim meet name or club name in the yellow highlighted area of the template.  

Champ Certificate Template

Gold Certificate Template

Silver Certificate Template

Bronze Certificate Template


The following signs may be downloaded and printed for your pool areas/meets.

No cellphones/cameras in locker rooms

No cellphones/cameras behind blocks

Meet Announcer template