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Flyer - Are Your Eyes Burning at the Pool?

Pee in the Pool? Ya might just wanna rethink that...

The science tells us don't do's just not funny any more.
According to CNN¹, "The burn you feel in your eyes after a dip in the swimming pool is not because of chlorine. It is because pee, poop and sweat from fellow swimmers (and maybe you) react with chlorine and form chloramine compounds, and this combination is what really stings your peepers. Aside from the gross factor, the formation of these compounds means there is less chlorine left in the water to kill bacteria, such as E. coli. Chloramines can also irritate the airways, and when they build up in the air, such as at indoor pools, they can trigger asthma attacks." And the CDC agrees.²
¹"Hot Mess: The Grossest Concerns of Summer," by Carina Storrs, July 2, 2015,
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