Central Zone Sanction Appeal Panel

Each LSC has been authorized by USA Swimming to issue the sanction or approval for all swimming competition conducted within its geographical boundaries as described in Article 202 of the USA Swimming rulebook. In addition:

  • Requirements for sanction and approval may be established by a vote of the LSC House of Delegates in accordance with LSC bylaws.
  • Championship Meets are protected. A meet in direct conflict can be denied.
  • The LSC still has the right and authority to establish and collect relevant entry fees.
  • Potential hosts must adhere to the LSC published guidelines, deadlines and procedures as well as USA Swimming rules and guidelines

In the event a sanction is denied there is a consistent process for a meet host to appeal the decision. For members of Minnesota Swimming, Inc. (MSI) this is administered through the Central Zone Sanction Appeal process.

A Central Zone Sanction Appeal panel reviews sanction denials to make certain they are not limiting competitive opportunities for athletes and foster a free market approach to hosting meets.

To read about the Central Zone Sanction Appeal process click here for more information