Minnesota Swimming Time Standards

The Time Standards listed are for the time periods noted. 

The zipped file is for use with ACTIVE/Hy-Tek programs only.  The file extracted (.std) cannot be opened in any other software.

MN Swimming 2019-2020 Time Standards

2019-2020 MNSI Short Course Yards Time Standards: PDF | XLS    (10/21/19)

2019-2020 MNSI Long Course Meters Time Standards: PDF | XLS   (10/21/19)

2019-2020 MNSI Time Standards Hy-Tek Zip File (10/23/19)

Championship Meet Qualifying Notes:

MAC: Any time slower than "Silver" qualifies.

MRC: "Silver" time qualifies, must be slower than "Champ".

State: "Champ" time qualifies.

Zones: "Zone" time qualifies. Must be age 14 or younger.

Para Swimming Time Standards for MN Swimming (.pdf) (2/19/19)

Para Swimming Time Standards for Sectionals (.pdf) (10/16/18)

Para Swimming Physical Impairment Group Descriptions (.pdf) (10/16/18)

2017-2020 USAS NAG ("B" "BB" "A") National Age Group (NAG) Motivational Time Standards (.pdf)

2017-2020 USAS NAG Motivational Time Standards HYTEK Zip File

National Time Standards

2020 Olympic Trials Time Standards

2020 Summer Phillips 66 National Championships Time Standards

2020 Speedo Junior National Championships Time Standards

2020 Futures Championship Time Standards

2020 Speedo Sectionals Time Standards