Minnesota Swimming Time Standards

The Time Standards listed are for the time periods noted. 

The zipped file is for use with ACTIVE/Hy-Tek programs only.  The file extracted (.std) cannot be opened in any other software.

MN Swimming 2019-2021 Time Standards
Note: Time Standards for 2020-2021 will remain the same as 2019-2020

2019-2021 MNSI Short Course Yards Time Standards: PDF | XLS    (Zone Times updated 4/13/2021)

2019-2021 MNSI Long Course Meters Time Standards: PDF | XLS   (Zone Times updated 4/13/2021)

2019-2021 MNSI Time Standards Hy-Tek Zip File (Zone Times updated 4/13/2021)

MNSI Championship Meet Qualifying Notes:

MAC: Any time slower than "Silver" qualifies.

MRC: "Silver" time qualifies, must be slower than "Champ".

State: "Champ" time qualifies.

Zones: "Zone" time qualifies. Must be age 14 or younger.

Para Swimming Time Standards for MN Swimming (.pdf) (2/19/19)

Para Swimming Time Standards for Sectionals (.pdf) (10/16/18)

Para Swimming Physical Impairment Group Descriptions (.pdf) (10/16/18)

2017-2020 USAS NAG ("B" "BB" "A") National Age Group (NAG) Motivational Time Standards (.pdf)

2017-2020 USAS NAG Motivational Time Standards HYTEK Zip File