Minnesota Swimming—Policies, Manuals, and Bylaws

Policy Online Summary

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001 - Mission Statement
002 - By-Laws (restated April 2018; reviewed by USA Swimming)

100 MSI Organization
110 – National Convention

140 – Sanctioning Officer Authority
180 - Athlete Travel

200 Competition Guide
201 - Closed Meets
202 – Conference Rules Exemptions

210A “C” Time Standards
220 – Meet Sanction
220A Meet Sanction Deposit
220B Meet Sanction Request
220C Protecting “A” Meets
220D Sanction Denial

220E - Meet Sanction/Approval Deadlines & Fees  AMENDED (11/18/14)
220F - Outstanding Balances
221 - 
Sanction Violations
231 – Meet Fees  AMENDED AND CONSOLIDATED (01/19/16)

233 – Deck Registration Surcharge  AMENDED (11/27/12)
234 – Time Trials Sanction Fee
234A - Time Trials 
 (AMENDED (11/15/16)

237 - Protest Fees
238A - Non Registered Swimmer Fines
239 - Seasonal Championship Splash Fees
(AMENDED 10/17/17)
240 – Meet Information
240A – Distribution of Meet Information
240B – Change of Meet Information
241A – Order of Events
241B – Special Order of Events
241C – Relays in “A” Meets
241D - 800 Free Relay
241E - Senior Events
242– Entry Deadline
242A - No Times Entries
242B - Non conforming Entries
242C – Entries from Satellite Clubs
242D - Host Club Entries  
AMENDED (4/15/14)
242E - Proof of Times for Championship Meets AMENDED (11/15/16)
243A – Seeding Distance Events AMENDED (11/21/13)
244 – 4 Hour Rule  AMENDED (11/21/13)
245 – 5 Hour Rule  AMENDED (11/21/13)
246 - Falsified Entries
248 - Relay Participation Limit  
ADOPTED (01/15/13)
249 - Start Date to Accept Entries  
ADOPTED (04/15/14)
250 – Warm-Ups  CORRECTION (10/15/13)
251 – Open Lanes  AMENDED (9/17/13)
252 – Flyover Starts
253 – Host Club Officials
254 – Meet Director
255 – Meet Marshals
256 – Volunteer Timers
257 - Scratch Rule
260 – Meet Awards
260A – Award Availability

262 – Best Time Ribbons
263 - ABC Finals Awards
264 - State Records

280 – Adaptive Swimming
281 – Adaptive Swimming Travel Reimbursement
290 - Meet Director's Manual

300 State Championships
302A – 10 and Under Relays
320 – Relays
321 – 800 Free Relays
321A - Eligibility for Finals

400 Age Group Programs
402 - Aging Up for Championship Meets AMENDED (12/18/16)

500 Senior Programs

600 Coaches and Officials

603 - Non-Athlete Member Check-In for Swim Meets

700 Clubs
701 - Annual Club registration Fee

800 Finance Policies
820 - Investment Policy
821 - Investment Policy Statement
840 - National Meet Financial Support

850 - Diversity Grants 
860 - Funded Board Designated Operating Reserve

900 Miscellaneous
901 -  MSI Equipment REVISED (7/17/18)
903 -  Zone Scholarships


Note:  To fulfill the requirements for USA Swimming's LEAP Level 1 certification a compilation of MSI policies, rules and regulations were assembled into two manuals. The manuals are linked below. 

Swim Meets: Rules and Regulations

Originally compiled:  May 2011
Last saved: June 2018

Policies and Procedures Manual

Originally compiled: August 2011
Last saved: July 2018

Bylaws amended and restated April 2018

Bylaws (.docx)

Bylaws (.pdf)

Crisis Management/Disaster Recovery Plan

The MSI Crisis Management Plan manages the distribution of critical, often sensitive, information to the media, the public, and its members while the Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to insure business continuity by protecting the LSC from threats to its physical assets and IT-disabling disasters. See the plans here.

Zone Board of Review

Effective January 1, 2015:

Board of review inquiries from members of Minnesota Swimming, Inc. (MSI) can be directed to one of two boards: the Central Zone Board of Review or the National Board of Review. 

(NOTE: The Bylaws of MSI do not establish an administrative review board at the LSC level. According to USA Swimming this is optional and must be established by amendment to the Bylaws adopted by the MSI House of Delegates.)

Amateur Sports Act of 1978

The Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act of 1978, signed by President Jimmy Carter, establishes a United States Olympic Committee and provides for national governing bodies for each Olympic sport. The Act provides important legal protection for individual athletes.

The Act charters the U.S. Olympic Committee, which in turn can charter a national governing body (NGB) for each sport such as USA Swimming for competitive swimming. Each NGB in turn establishes the rules for selecting the United States Olympic Team and promotes amateur competition in that sport.

The Act requires that active athletes (defined as amateur athletes who have represented the United States in international amateur competition within the last ten years) must hold 20 percent of the voting power of any board or committee in an NGB.

The Act also provides athletes with due process and appeal rights concerning eligibility disputes.

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