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2014-15 Bid Overview

Welcome to the 2014-15 meet bidding process. 

Below are instructions for bidding meets.  All bids are due at the end of the day on Monday,  April 14.  

If you have questions, please contact MSI's Executive Director, Bob Crunstedt at

NOTE:  bids submitted after April 14 will be considered a "late bid."

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New or changed bids are compiled on a frequent but delayed basis, so check back by 9:00 p.m.. each day. 

Bid (Meet) Definitions

Scheduled Bid Meet—Scheduled meets have pre-defined formats (ABC Open, ABC, A, and Championship meets). The order of events for these meets, number of zones, and who is zoned to each meet is determined by MSI. The meet formats:

  • A/B/C OPEN— There are no minimum time standards to enter the meet and swimmers earn awards according to the category of their entry time. 
  • A/B/C—Swimmers must have a C time or faster to enter. For designated meets on the 2014-15 schedule A/B/C sessions are offered for swimmers age 13 and over.
  • A/B—Swimmers must have a B time or faster to enter. For designated meets on the 2014-15 schedule A/B sessions are offered for swimmers age 12 and under.
  • ASwimmers must have an A time or faster to enter.
  • Championship and Finals Meets—Swimmers must have the appropriate level time to enter. The exception is for swimmers who qualify for the state meet by winning their event at a MRC (regional), regardless of whether or not they achieved the state qualifying time.

​In order to maintain consistency between all scheduled/bid meets the following are provided by MSI:

  • The meet announcement for the host team to complete
  • The Hy-Tek Meet Manager file
  • Certificates for new "B", "A" and "CH" times
  • Best Time ribbons
  • Assignment of the lead officials by the Officials Committee (i.e. the referee, starter, and administrative official/referee). Stroke & turn officials must be provided by the host.

Scheduled Bid Invitational—A meet with 5 or more teams may be held on days when there is no "Scheduled Meet." The structure and order of events are established by the host team; teams to be invited are determined by the host team. It is the intent of Minnesota Swimming that these meets are designed by clubs to fill their needs, and that host clubs are good stewards of promoting our values (integrity, sportsmanship, excellence) by ensuring opportunities to compete for all levels of athletes, in all clubs. The assignment of the lead officials will be handled by the Officials Committee (i.e. the referee, starter, and administrative official/referee)Stroke & turn officials must be provided by the host.

Non-scheduled Meets —These are meets with 4 or fewer teams. They do not need to be bid at the House of Delegates, however, host teams must request a meet sanction no less than 30 days in advance of the first day of the meet. Officials must be secured by the host (referee, starter, administrative official/referee, and stroke & turn officials).

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2014-15 Minnesota Swimming Competition Schedule

The meet schedule was adopted by the MSI Board of Directors. It was done so after deliberation and presentation by the Meet Scheduling Committee in January, followed by month for all members and interested parties to provide feedback and input. As the result of this process the 2014-15 schedule was adopted by unanimous vote at the February 21st meeting.

The primary objective of the schedule is to continue to  increase opportunities for swimmers by allowing clubs to create a more customized meet schedule that best fulfills the needs of their athletes and goals. 

Other objectives include continuing to :

  • Foster new and innovative meet formats—Ideas such as a distance meet, senior meet, relay meet, dual/tri/quad meets, or other formats are encouraged.

  • Increase communication among clubs—Coaches must communicate with other clubs to create meets with teams in their geographic region or with teams that may have similar meet schedule philosophies. Consider benefits of creating new conference relationships as well.

Emphasis of the 2014-15 Schedule

  • Enable attendance for all scheduled/bid meets on the calendarAttendance has been reviewed for previous seasons, and the number of zones and the meet formats have been adjusted to optimize meet size for the swimmers while adhering to the rules of USA Swimming. All members are eligible to enter meets on ABC Open weekends and all qualifiers can participate in a season-ending championship.  Of particular note are changes for C and pre-C/novice swimmers. As the season progresses they are not scheduled for zoned weekends. Instead, clubs are encouraged to collaborate with one another to conduct smaller meets that are shorter for the younger, new and developing swimmers. The idea is the experience will be more enjoyable in a smaller setting leading to continued participation and earning times to enter zoned weekends and finals.

  • Return of A-All Zone weekendsA-All Zone scheduled/bid weekends have been placed on the schedule in the fall. Last year's removal resulted in some athletes unable to compete at an A meet. Placement of two meets in the fall will allow more manageable meet size and all qualifying athletes the opportunity to compete in a "fast" meet.

  • Mix of scheduled and open weekends—Clubs will be able to mix their attendance at the scheduled bid meets with the additional invitational meets that are bid on at the upcoming HOD meeting.

  • Increase quality of meets through natural incentives—With increased freedom for clubs to run the meets they want, it is the intention that clubs will focus on providing a positive experience for athletes, coaches, officials, and families through responsible timelines and innovative participation.

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Bid Process and Voting

You must submit your meet bid online using the MSI application form.

If for some reason you are unable to submit your bid online, please contact the MSI office. Otherwise, only bids received in a timely manner through the MSI website will be considered.

  1. Bids will be collected from the online forms and posted to allow you to review your bids as well as other clubs.    

  2. All bids must be entered by midnight on  April 14, 2013.

  3. All bids will be voted on and meets awarded during the House of Delegates meeting on Saturday, April 26. 

  4. For all scheduled meets, each club will have an opportunity to orally present its bid application to the voters, on a meet-by-meet basis, and explain why the club should be awarded the bid over others bidding on the same weekend.

  5. Who votes? Voting members of the Minnesota Swimming Board of Directors each have one vote. And, each club is entitled to one vote at this meeting.

  • The designated delegate (or alternate) on your club membership application is the only member from your club entitled to vote.  
  • The voting delegate must be a USA Swimming member (which includes having completed the required background check and Athlete Protection Training).

  • To change the name of your delegate, your club president must submit the change in writing. 

    Remember that anyone may attend the House of Delegates and have a voice at this meeting; however, only one member per club (the designated delegate) may vote.


Application Instructions

Individual clubs may bid on the meet openings shown above. Make sure to secure pool availability for all meets on which you bid PRIOR to submitting the bid(s).

  1. It is MSI’s desired outcome that all zoned weekends be bid in full.

  2. You may bid on any number of meets, but only up to three (3) meets at a time (on each submitted application). To bid on more than three (3) meets, please fill out the application multiple times.

    • You do NOT need to bid on all choices through one (1) application. You may fill in another application at a later time.

    • Please rank your bids by season.  For example, you could have a first and second choice for the short course season, and a first, second, third for long course.

    • We have tried to minimize the number of REQUIRED questions; however, as a courtesy to fellow members, please provide as much information as possible to enable other clubs to plan their seasonal schedules as well as determine winning bids.

  3. Clubs may submit bids for the “open” weekends to run an Invitational that will have more than four teams.

  4. Clubs planning on hosting a C/Novice Conference, intra-squad, quad, tri or dual meet on open weekends do not need to submit a bid; however, they will have to request sanctions no later than 30 days in advance of the first day of the meet:

When bidding, please be aware of the following:

  1. In order for a club to submit a meet bid that club must have a minimum of two (2) currently registered and certified officials who will be on deck at your meet. (If your club has 50 or fewer registered athletes, one official is necessary.)

  2. Legislation dated April 20, 1999 states that the host club must guarantee, in addition to the assigned officials, two (2) stroke & turn officials on deck at each session of their meet.

  3. Clubs may only bid on the type of meet listed on the approved MSI Meet Schedule.

    If you want to change something about a bid on the approved schedule (i.e. change an ABC Open to something else or change a two (2)-day meet to one (1)-day) you must present the proposed change with your bid application. The House of Delegates will consider any changes for possible approval.  If you want to make any changes to a scheduled meet after meets have been awarded, you must present them to the Board of Directors for approval.

If you have any questions, please call Executive Director Bob Crunstedt at 952.988.4185.

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Begin your application View submitted bids  View the 2014-15 Schedule
New or changed bids are compiled on a frequent but delayed basis, so check back by 9:00 p.m.. each day.