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2015-16 Bid Overview and Instructions

Welcome to the 2015-16 meet bidding process. 

There are two major changes to the 2015-16 schedule for bid meets:

  1. The only zoned weekends are championships (C finals, MRCs, and State meets).

  2. Bidding will be done twice during the year. During March/April, bids will be taken only for the 2015-16 short course season; these meets will be voted on during the House of Delegates on April 19. Long course 2016 meets will be bid next fall.

Below are instructions for bidding meets. All bids are due at the end of the day on Monday, April 6, 2015.  


If you have questions on the bid process, please contact MSI's Executive Director, Bob Crunstedt at

If you have questions about the schedule, please contact:


2015-16 Minnesota Approved Swimming Competition Schedule

Meet Definitions

Letter from Meet Planning Chair, Explaining 2015-2016 Schedule

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NOTE: Bids submitted after April 6, 2015 will be considered a "late bid."

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2015-16 Schedule

New or changed bids will be compiled once/day at minimum, 
so check back by 9:00 p.m. each day.

Bid and Voting Process and Instructions

Bid Process and Voting

You must submit your meet bid online using the MSI application form.

If for some reason you are unable to submit your bid online, please contact the MSI office. Otherwise, only bids received in a timely manner through the MSI website will be considered.

  • Bids will be collected from the online forms and posted to allow you to review your bids as well as other clubs.    

  • All bids must be entered by midnight on April 6, 2015.

  • All bids will be voted on and meets awarded during the House of Delegates meeting on Sunday, April 19. 

For zoned (championship) meets, each club will have an opportunity to orally present its bid application to the voters and explain why the club should be awarded the bid over others bidding on the same weekend.

Who votes? 
The House of Delegates.
  • Voting members of the Minnesota Swimming Board of Directors each have one vote. And, each club is entitled to one vote at this meeting.

  • Ten Athlete Committee members and ten at-large athlete member appointees have votes.

  • The designated delegate (or alternate) on your club membership application is the only member from your club entitled to vote.  

  • The voting delegate must be a USA Swimming member (which includes having completed the required background check and Athlete Protection Training).

To change the name of your delegate, your club president (and only the president) must use the change for and submit it, signed, BEFORE the HOD.

Remember that anyone may attend the House of Delegates and have a voice at this meeting; however, only one member per club (the designated delegate) may vote.

Application Instructions

Individual clubs may bid on the meet openings shown above. Please try to secure pool availability for all meets on which you bid PRIOR to submitting the bid(s).

NEW THIS YEAR: When creating your bid, the following information will be required in order to submit the bid:

  1. Type of meet
  2. All meet fees, including facility, splash, admission, programs, etc.

You may bid on any number of meets/weekends, but only up to three (3) meets at a time (on each submitted application). To bid on more than three (3) meets, please fill out the application multiple times. You do NOT need to bid on all choices through one (1) application. You may fill in another application at a later time.

When bidding, please be aware of the following:

It is the club’s responsibility to identify and obtain a minimum of two (2) currently registered and certified stroke & turn officials who will be on deck at your meet. (If your club has 50 or fewer registered athletes, one official is necessary.)