Meet Definitions

Bid meets

All meets with 5 or more teams must be bid.

Championship Meet

Non-Championship Meet

This year only Championship meets are zoned.

Swimmers must meet the Minnesota time standard in order to qualify for each championship meet or “win” their event at the MRC to qualify for the State championship if they do not meet the "CH" time standard.

The following are provided by Minnesota Swimming for championship meets:

  • The meet announcement for the host team to complete, to request the sanction
  • The Hy-Tek Meet Manager file
  • Certificates for new "B", "A" and "CH" times
  • High-point certificates, plaques, and championship flags designated accordingly in the meet announcement.
  • Assignment of the lead officials by the Officials Chair (i.e. the meet referee, deck referee, starter, and administrative official/referee). Stroke & turn officials are provided by the host and visiting teams.

A meet with 5 or more teams must be bid. The ONLY exception is a pre-C Novice meet held within a conference for conference-only teams. (See pop-up meets, below). 

The structure and order of events for all non-championship meets are established by the host team. The 2017 schedule has suggestions for types of meets based on history. However, it is the discretion of each host to determine the meet format as well as the teams to be invited.

The assignment of the lead officials will be handled by the Officials Chair (i.e. the referee, starter, and administrative official/referee). Stroke & turn officials are provided by the host and visiting teams.

Possible meet formats (suggestions only):

  • IMX or pentathlon meets
  • Team challenges or a relay meet
  • Specific age groups or age ranges for a meet
  • A distance meet
  • More traditional (time standards) meet formats including:
  • A/B/C OPEN—There are no minimum time standards to enter the meet and swimmers earn awards according to the category of their entry time. 
  • A/B/C—Swimmers must have a C time or faster to enter.
  • A—Swimmers must have an A time or faster.
  • A/B—Swimmers must have a B time or faster to enter.
  • C/Pre-C novice—Beginners who have “no” times or C times.

Non-bid or non-scheduled (“popup”) meets

These are meets with 4 or fewer teams. The only "popup" meets that may have more than 4 teams is a pre-C Novice meet that is inviting only teams within its declared conference.

  • These meets do not need to be bid at the House of Delegates
  • Host teams must request a meet sanction no less than 30 days in advance of the first day of the meet.
  • Officials must be secured by the host (referee, starter, administrative official/referee, and stroke & turn officials)