Minnesota Swimming—Meet Directors

Both USA Swimming and Minnesota Swimming, Inc. require certain reports and financial processes to take place in order for a meet to be sanctioned and athletes' times entered into the USA SWIMS database for future competition.

Required Processes


All forms you need are available on the DOCUMENTS page, in the Meet Management section. (​Note: All forms have been updated.  If you see anything incorrect or have questions, please contact the MNSI Operations Manager.)

Important:  when naming your meet, be sure to
use the USA Swimming format:

Optional Financial Forms

Several meet managers suggested it would be great to get financial forms in a format that can be filled out electronically.  Therefore, (in addition to the traditional .pdf) we have provided forms in an excel workbook that has linked cells with nested formulas that pre-populate much of the required data and performs all calculations.  These are available on the DOCUMENTS page, in the Meet Management section.


MNSI Swim Meet Rules and Regulations Manual.  
This manual walks you through the rules and regulations of swim meets, point-by-point.

Guide to Running a Meet in Meet Manager. 
Ron Murphy's guide to Meet Manager walks you through using the software (2009/version 3.0). 

Part 1

Webinar: setting up a meet (Tracy Meece, facilitator)
This webinar runs approximately 1.5 hours and details creating your meet file. 
There are technical difficulties in the beginning; to skip this please jump from 4:00 to 11:00 on the counter.

Meet Manager Scoring & Awards Settings
This is helpful to keep handy at your meets if something isn’t printing properly on your results.

PURGING a Meet File
This explains how to recycle a prior meet database to create a new meet without having to start from scratch. This feature is great to use if your new meet has the exact same Order of Events as the old meet.

Part 2

Part 3

Meet Manager Template Quality Control Checklist

Using Footers in Meet Manager
(To print sponsor logos or other important messages on the bottom of Psych Sheets and/or Meet Programs)

Meet Mobile Set-Up


Please note: Page 2 of the Financial Report. Teams have not been returning this report after their meet, as required by USA Swimming. Beginning in 2014, if Pg. 2 is not returned we will now be following USA Swimming’s penalty, along with not returning the sanction deposit.  See “C” below. 

202.2.11  The issuing LSC shall receive the following information regarding finances from every organization receiving a sanction except for events sponsored by USA Swimming:

A.  The LSC shall also require the organization to which a sanction has been granted to file, within 45 days after the event, a financial statement setting forth all receipts and disbursements in connection with the sanctioned event.

B.  The LSC may at any time require the organization to furnish, within 15 days after written request, all receipts and vouchers relating to the sanctioned event.

C.  No sanction to hold any athletic event of any kind shall thereafter be issued to an organization who has failed or refused to file with the LSC any statement or affidavit required under any subdivision of this section, until the statement or affidavit is filed, or until such time as the LSC may determine.

Virtual Lost and Found.  Now you have a place to document the items that have been left behind at the meet you hosted...and a place for swimmers to look and see if their items were found.  Under Meets & Events.

Officials Guides.  There are a number of guides available on the officials pages of this website that are informative for learning the regulations of swim meets (and what will affect your planning).

Referee's Guide

Officials Pre-Meet

Coaches Meeting

Managing the Deck 


Templates for CH, A, and B certificates.  
Thanks to the Edina Swim Club, which provided the templates they use when printing certificates provided by MNSI for meets.  These are available on the DOCUMENTS page, in the Meet Management section.

Meet Director's Evaluation

CLICK HERE to give feedback on meets you have run. This is your forum for sharing information about a meet, as well as giving feedback to MSI and officials on how we can better support you.