Coach and Official Meet Check-in FAQs and Sheets


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Non-Athlete Meet Check-In Sheet (PDF) (11/24/2021)


FAQs (updated 4-03-19)

•  Q: Where is the complete Non-Athlete Check-in For Swim Meets Policy posted?
A: Policy #603 is located here.
•  Q: Where can a coach or official see the expiration dates of required certifications?
A: See the USA Swimming app on your mobile device or login to your Member Dashboard  on USA Swimming Website.
• Q: Where can I see the coach requirements?
A: A summary of coach requirements is available here
• Q: Where can I see officials requirements?
A: In addition to a valid non-athlete USA Swimming membership, all officials must successfully complete/renew a Level II background check, concussion training and the Athlete Protection Training module found on
• Q: What means can coaches and officials use to validate current certifications at check-in?

A: There are three ways certifications can be validated at check-in:

1) The preferred and recommended means is the Member Card on the USA Swimming app viewable on a mobile device. Once you log into your account your membership card(s) will be visable.

2) A Non-Athlete Membership Status Report is also provided to a host as a secondary means to validate certifications.

3) Upon signing in to the USA Swimming website, a printed member card is available from your Member dashboard. The printed card works well for officials, however, it does not show the education requirement for coaches. The Non-Athlete Membership Status Report must be cross-referenced to see whether a coach's education requirement has been satisfied.

• Q: Do official’s requirements include an active certification for a specific position such as stroke & turn, starter or referee?
A: The check-in at meets for officials will only verify you have an active non-athlete membership, background check, and you have completed Athlete Protection Training. Officials should review their certification valid date for any position they are interested in working prior to the meet. Following your successful check-in, the Referee will determine the position(s) each official is assigned for the session/meet. 
• Q: Why is it not permissable to update non-athlete certifications at the meet?

A: Three reasons:

1) This was not permitted prior to conducting a meet check-in process,

2) it does not place individuals conducting the check-in in a position to interpret USA Swimming certification requirements "or" the validity of certificates presented on deck and,

3) it is consistent with USA Swimming competitions above MNSI. What appears on the Deck Pass dashboard, the card printed from Deck Pass, or (without either) the Non-Athlete Membership Status Report from SWIMS stands for the duration of the meet. Expired items must be resolved prior to the meet.

• Q: Where can coaches and officials see more information about the check-in procedure?
A: The meet announcement lists information about the check-in procedure. Questions about the check-in procedure may be sent to the Meet Director.
Why are there fines and where is the money going?

The Board of Directors determined there are two instances serious enough to warrant fines:

1) If an individual is not permitted to be on the pool deck due to expired certifications and that individual returns to the deck during the meet they are subject to a $100 fine.

2) If a meet host fails to conduct a check-in for coaches and and officials, they are subject to a $200 fine. Any fines go to the Safe Sport budget.

Tyvek Wristbands

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In addition to a valid non-athlete USA Swimming membership, all officials must successfully complete/renew a Level II background check, concussion protocol training, and the Athlete Protection Training module found on