Do Times from High School Meets Count?

Minnesota Swimming

Can swimmers' times from High School meets be used for club meets? 

As the end of the girls' high school season approaches, many parents wonder whether their athletes' high school swims will "count" for USA Swimming entry times. 

High school swimming rules are very similar to USA Swimming, but there are a few differences. USA Swimming allow results of swimming competitions that are not sanctioned by USA Swimming (i.e. high school) to be submitted to USA Swimming's database if they are observed by certified USA Swimming officials. The certified USA Swimming officials must be in attendance to verify compliance of the swims with that part of the USA Swimming rule that differs from the organization’s (i.e. National Federation of High Schools [NFHS]) rule.

High school championship meets are eligible to be observed. The state high school meet will always be observed; sections meets are observed upon request. Forms for club coaches to request observance and more detailed information (including the differences in high school versus USA Swimming rules) are available: PDF | WORD

As a parent or athlete, what do you need to know? 

  1. Requests for observed status may only be submitted through the athlete’s MN Swimming coach.

  2. You may request collaboration between the MN Swimming coach and the high school coach to have the ID’s set-up in the high school team's database. But step aside when/if the conversation with the MN Swimming coach has occurred.

  3. Every effort will be made to observe a meet if a Form B is submitted by the MN Swimming coach. However, the process still requires two MN Swimming certified officials to volunteer and be present at both prelims and finals. If you are a certified USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Judge and are willing to volunteer to be an observer, fill out this brief form or let your MN Swimming coach know you are available.

  4. Be aware the USA Swimming and NFHS stroke rules are almost the same. If a violation is called by the high school officials it will stand as a disqualified swim for USA Swimming.

  5. The observers will submit a report to MN Swimming after the meet. Any swims where the observers report a violation where USA Swimmings stroke rules differ from the NHFS rules, the times are not loaded into USA Swimming database. 

If your swimmer is not swimming a section meet that is being observed, be aware that times from unobserved meets can be used for entry into MN Swimming Championships (MAC, MRC and State). However, Zones, Grand Prix, Speedo Sectionals, Junior Nationals, and National meets all require observed times if not from a USA Swimming meet. 

Important: if you have any questions, please contact your swimmer's MN Swimming coach.