November - Coach Appreciation Month

Danielle Wentzel

November marks the start of USA Swimming’s coach appreciation month! All month long, USA Swimming will be celebrating the AMAZING coaches across the country.

USA Swimming wants to THANK coaches for the dedication, hard work and time they put into developing our amazing athletes. To show appreciation, USA Swimming has created worksheets for athletes to fill out. Athletes can complete the worksheets and hand them directly to their coaches.

If you are interested in sharing your appreciation to MN Swimming and have it posted on Facebook, please email items below to Danielle Wentzel [email protected]).

Here are some ideas to share with MN Swimming:
• Share photos of your swimmer’s submissions from the Thank You Coach worksheets.
• Share the reasons why your coaches are the best in the sport.
• Share fun memories from the past years with your coaches with photos and videos.
• Ask swimmers to reply to this post with their favorite memories or thank you messages.
• Take a video of your team thanking their coaches.