Fall/Winter 2019-20 Assignments

Application to officiate - Meet Referees

Current Assignments for 2020 Championship Meets:


Contact List:

Referees and Meet Directors may request a contact list for officials for MN Swimming competitions through the Officials Committee Chair, Marcus Stromberg. Please send a request by email.

National Certification Evaluations

The National Officials Certification Program provides expanded education of officials through mentoring, participation and evaluation as well recognizing those officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position. One step in becoming nationally certified at a position is to complete an evaluation at a designated meet.

More information can be found at the National Certification and Evaluation page on the USA Swimming website. 

The following meets will offer evaluations: 2020 MN Short Course State Championship

Becoming an Official

Want to get started as an official? MN Swimming provides a training and certification program open to everyone interested in becoming an official. This program consists of:

An education module which covers the basic knowledge and skills to needed perform the position. This can occur during the first on deck training session.

On deck training at meets to reinforce the material from the educational module and practice the skills needed as an official.

Pass a USA Swimming on­line test.

Become a USA Swimming Non-Athlete member. (See more information below)


MN Swimming Stroke & Turn Apprentice Form

Steps to Becoming a MN Swimming Stroke & Turn Official

MN Swimming Starter Apprentice Form

MN Swimming Referee Apprentice Form (upd. 11/19)

MN Swimming Admin Official Apprentice Form (upd. 11/19)

Reminder: Official’s Membership Cards are no longer printed/mailed.

Officials may print their cards from the Official’s Tracking System (OTS). This card will be acceptable to use as their membership card at all swim meets. Officials may also show their “membership card” from their Deck Pass app on their mobile devices as proof of membership, as well as their current Background Check and APT. If you want a printed card, you can print one from Deck Pass on the USA Swimming website.

Not sure if your USA membership or certifications are current?

Log in to your Deck Pass (free from USA Swimming) and click on your Member Card to see your expiration dates. 

Training & Certification

All officials start out as a Stroke & Turn Judge or Administrative Official. If you are at a meet and would like on-deck orientation training just come over to the meet administration table and ask to speak to the Meet Referee. 

Participate in on-deck training at five meet sessions. This involves training with a certified official during a swimming meet.

Candidates must pass (80%) a USA Swimming Officials test.

USA Swimming Membership

All official must hold a USA Swimming Non-Athlete membership. Please note, you can start your training before receiving a membership. Most people start their training and while that is underway complete the membership requirements. Here are the steps to receive a non-athlete membership:

1. Submit a Non-Athlete Membership Application and complete USA Swimming's Athlete Protection Training (APT), (both are linked under Documents/Coaches_Athletes_non-Athlete)

2. Pass a background check.

3. Complete Athlete Protection Training.

Concussion Awareness Training

Minnesota state law states that any nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity for which a fee is charged, must require all participating coaches and officials to receive initial online training at least once every three calendar years consistent with the Concussion in Youth Sports online training program available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site. See more information including the statute...   Please note that concussion training received as a high school official will satisfy the State of Minnesota requirement.