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Working on optimizing your team website? Here are some resources on how to make your team website easy to read/navigate for current swimming families and for new families alike! 



How to get your TU team connected to the youth sports directory on 

TeamUnify allows you to connect your programming to - a youth sports directory! This will allow for families interested in competitive swimming to search for your programming/get information/visit your website/etc. 


#1 Navigate to your TU website, log in and click on Team Admin > Team Profile (in the old CMS) or log in and click on Business Tools > Team Profile & Settings (in the new CMS). 


#2 Click on the SportsEngine Setup tab. 


#3 Click “+ Add Facility” button to add your organization listing OR click on the Existing Facility listed to edit your current information. This step will require information based on the programming you offer within your organization, etc. 


#4 The most important step of this updating process is to ensure that you have your answer toggled to YES when the system asks, “Mark this location as primary and display on SportsEngine?” This is your agreement to listing this information about your program. 




How to Claim Your Listing on If you do not currently use TeamUnify as a technology provider. You can still claim your listing on even if you are not a TU technology partner. 


#1 Search for your organization on, select your program and click Claim This Organization from the program listing page.