Minnesota Swimming—Safe Sport

USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all of its members.  For that reason, USA Swimming has put a comprehensive Code of Conduct in place.

If you are wondering where to report a concern see information from USA Swimming Deal With A Safe Sport Concern

USA Swimming's Safe Sport encompasses:

  • Policies & Guidelines—Fostering a safe & healthy environment

  • Screening and Selection—The first line of defense

  • Training and Education—Free for all members

  • Recognizing, Responding & Reporting—The responsibility of reporting.

Safe Sport Mondays

A new Safe Sport initiative, brought to us in part by our own Paul Lundsten is called Hear Something, Say Something (or Safe Sport Mondays). It is a new education and awareness effort to help spark a national conversation about Safe Sport-relevant issues that impact our clubs.

A scenario will be sent out and posted on the website every month, and it is your job to send the scenario to coaches, who will then use the discussion guide to have a 5-10 minute conversation with their athletes. It’s our hope that many coaches participate and that Safe Sport conversations become just another part of the swimming experience for coaches and athletes.

Minnesota Swimming Contacts

MSI Safe Sport Committee Chair: Rebecca Binder


Include Safe Sport information in your heat sheets and programs:

Safe Sport Education Flyers

Safe Sport Parents Half

Safe Sport Parents Quarter 

USA Swimming Safe Sport Handbook

CLICK HERE to view more details on USA Swimming's Safe Sport page.

Club "website" Banners now available:

and a banner that is sized for the larger slide show on a TeamUnify site.

As a parent, should you ever have concerns about the safety of your child, bring it to the attention of your child's coach and club representative. If this is uncomfortable for you, please contact the Minnesota Swimming Safe Sport Committee Chair: Rebecca Binder

Training on safety (and a background check) is mandatory for coaches, officials, and other non-athlete members as a condition of their membership.

Coaches, officials, and other non-athlete members. Coaches , officials, and other non-athlete members should review requirements and links on Minnesota Swimming's Coaches page.

Voluntary training on safety is available for parents and athletes.
USA Swimming keeps track of the number of parents and athletes who are taking this course and helping to ensure the safety of all participating in this sport. Click the below links to see how engaged our athletes and parents are in Minnesota (through September 2014).



New athlete training is now available;

Click on the picture to go to USA Swimming's training.


The USA Swimming Safe Sport program offers FREE parent education for our membership. Click on the picture to go to USA Swimming's training.

Safe Sport Launches Online Anti-Bullying Training

USA Swimming and its Safe Sport program are committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all of its members. To help increase awareness and reduce the risk of abuse, Safe Sport has launched a new online course to help parents and coaches identify and address bullying behaviors.

The online program is free for USA Swimming non-athlete members. It can be accessed at here.
Lessons include:

•How to define bullying
•Why bullying is a problem
•What the different types of bullying are
•How bullying happens
•How to prevent an athlete from being bullied
•How to manage conflict between the individuals involved

Bullying behaviors lead to a negative team environment if not handled properly and quickly. Unfortunately, they can be alarmingly normal in youth sports settings.