Safe Sport for Coaches

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Safe Sport Courses for Coaches

Athlete Protection Training (APT)

The U.S. Center for SafeSport is providing the APT education on LEARN. New members will be required to have their non-athlete application form and payment processed by their LSC registrar before they can sign in to complete the APT course. You must take the course(s) within the "Athlete Protection Training" Certification. Once you have completed these courses, your membership record will update with a new APT expiration date within 24 hours. Your APT will expire 12 months from the date you completed the certificate.

APT Finish Instructions

Athletes as Leaders

From the Athletes as Leaders website:

"Athletes As Leaders™ (originally Student Leaders & Athletic Youth) is a program for high school athletes on girls’ sports teams.  The program aims to empower student athletes to take an active role in promoting healthy relationships and ending sexual violence. Athletes are encouraged to be leaders in changing social norms at school (and beyond) to a culture of safety and respect. Learn more on our Background Information page. The program is suggested to be used in conjunction with a prevention program for boys' teams; we recommend Coaching Boys Into Men. Everyone plays a role in creating a safe community!"

Coaching Boys into Men

Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) is a violence prevention program for athletic coaches designed to inspire them to teach their young male athleres about the importance of respect for themselves, others, and particularly women and girls.

Athlete Hospitality Reimbursement Form  (docx, upd. 2/15/20)

USA Swimming Club Toolkit

USA Swimming has provided a number of documents and resources for implementing Safe Sport practices with your club, including model policies, meet printouts, and much more.

As a parent, should you ever have concerns about the safety of your child, bring it to the attention of your child's coach and club representative. If this is uncomfortable for you, please contact:

Minnesota Swimming Safe Sport Committee Chair: Anne Knapp