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USA Swimming Safe Sport Newsletter

May 2018

USA Swimming publishes a newsletter focused on Safe Sport. The following are key stories highlighted in this issue: 

Volume 27

May 2018


Fellowship Update!

Kyle, 2018 Safe Sport Fellow from Florida Gold Coast, recently took a big step in his effort to spread the Safe Sport word. With the support of his LSC Safe Sport Chair, Kyle spoke at his LSC's Swimposium. It is not easy getting up to speak in front of anyone, but it can be especially difficult to do that with a group of your peers. Kudos to Kyle for being a leader and showing us how it is done! The 2018 fellows will be gathering next for their second leadership institute at the end of June. They will continue learning and utilizing leadership skills and taking next steps forward in their Safe Sport projects.

Zone Workshops

We came, we saw, we conquered.
Once again, we had two fantastic Zone Workshops in Alexandria and Denver. The dedication and commitment from our volunteers is amazing.
To recap, at both workshops we were able to spend time collaborating with the General Chairs and Diversity & Inclusion Chairs. It is always great to see how we can connect with and support each other. The overwhelming feedback was that the
most enjoyable time at the workshops was when we were in our Safe Sport
sessions and got to work on projects.

At both workshops we created ways that an athlete and Club Safe Sport Coordinator can get involved with Safe Sport. We also simplified the Safe Sport Meet in a Box resource to make it more user friendly. Everyone worked hard on these projects and we will have final products on these soon.
We went home very energized, eager to implement Safe Sport in new ways, and have already started doing so. KEEP IT UP!

Please continue to follow us on Twitter @SwimSafeSport and on Facebook at USA Swimming Safe Sport. Let us know if you are working on any Safe Sport initiatives, we would like to highlight you in our next Safe Sport Newsletter!

USA Swimming Safe Sport

USA Swimming Safe Sport Newsletter

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