Lead Cubs Coach


Cubs Assistant Coaches:

Morgan Davis
Julia Coffman
Emma May



Meet Schedule


This is where it all starts! Our Cubs group is for swimmers ages 5 - 8. We focus on fun and technique fundamentals. Our goal is to teach these young swimmers proper stroke techniques from day one and to lay a foundation for them to move up through our practice groups. We start by focusing on strengthening their kick, body position, and work on coordination in and out of the water. More importantly we are trying to build a lifelong passion for the sport of swimming and Club Wolverine! 


This program will incorporate low key competitions during practice time (aka, ‘Fun Meet’), with the goal of providing both swimmers and their parents an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the USA Swimming system. We can then easily transition them to their first USA Swimming meet.

Cubs: (Ages 5-8)

Weekly Training Sessions = 4

Requirements = Complete a 25 (one lap) freestyle or backstroke without stopping