Associate Head Coach/ Lead Intermediate Blue Coach

Pat Wickering (email)


Lead Intermediate Maize Coach

Shannon Cowley (email)


Lead Intermediate White Coach

Edmund Herenadez (email)

Intermediate Assistant Coaches
Spencer Penland
Jen Varajon
David Cleason


Intermediate Groups:

Our Intermediate groups are geared for swimmers between the ages of 11 - 14 (8th grade). Training sessions are still focused around teaching proper stroke technique. Swimmers progress from proper body position and kick, to working on timing, connection, and kinetic chains. Dry-land focuses on core strength, stability, coordination, and movements. The length and intensity of their training sessions increases with an IM focus (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle). We start building in race pace training to teach specific strategies. Swimmers from our Intermediate Groups are well prepared to succeed in high school swimming and our senior groups.

Intermediate White/Maize: (Ages 11-14)

Training Sessions = 6

Dry-Land Sessions = 3


Intermediate White’s goal is to develop efficiency and proficiency in all four competitive strokes. We emphasize the “fifth stroke” (underwater fly kicking). Training is built throughout the season at a rate that does not compromise technique fundamentals and develops swimmers to move on to Intermediate Blue or the Senior group. 

Intermediate Blue: (Ages 12 - 14)

Training Sessions = 6

Dry-Land Sessions = 3


Intermediate Blue continues to work on swimmers aerobic base and technique, but we also start to mix in race pace/specific work. Dry-land becomes more important as these swimmers continue to prepare for our senior program.