Associate Head Coach/ Lead Junior Blue Coach

Laura Cowley (email)

Lead Junior White Coach

Shannon Cowley (email)

Assistant Junior Coaches:
Robbie Amori
Jodi Kinnard
Emma May

Junior Groups:

Our Junior training groups are for swimmers between the ages of 9-10. Our primary focus is long term development with our swimmers. Practices continue to be focused on fundamental techniques in all four strokes, dives, and turns. As swimmers progress we add more complex techniques and race strategy. 


Dry-land is held three times a week. Swimmers learn dynamic warm-up, proper form, and movements that we build off of as they progress through our program.

Junior White: (Ages 9-10)

Training Sessions = 5

Dry-Land Sessions = 3


Junior White is the introduction of structured practices. Swimmers learn proper lane etiquette, reading pace clocks, and what it means to be a good teammate. Workouts are technique based. Swimmers acquire skills through drill progressions and receive constant feedback.

Junior Blue: (Ages 9-10)

Training Sessions = 6

Dry-Land Sessions = 3


We continue to teach fundamental skills and drills. Technique builds from body position and focuses on timing and connection. As swimmers progress we teach them specific race strategy.