Lead Senior Coach

Gunnar Schmidt


Lead Senior Maize Coach

Josh Wood


Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach/Senior Assistant Coach

Alex Cremer




Practice Schedule

Meet Schedule






Senior Groups

The senior group is for Club Wolverine athletes ages 14 and up. The techniques we teach in this group become more advanced and the training becomes more intense. During the Fall and Winter high school seasons, we practice as one group. During the Summer we have three subgroups designed to accommodate all skill levels and commitment levels.


All Senior swimmers are video taped above/under the water, and will have multiple goal meetings during the year.

Senior White (ages 14-18)

Training Sessions = 9

Dry-Land Sessions = 6


The Senior White training squad focuses on technique and aerobic base. Senior White’s goal is to develop swimmers that will compete at the Michigan State Championships.

Senior Maize (ages 14-18)

Training Sessions = 8

Dry-Land Sessions = 6


  • Michigan Swimming Open State Cuts

The Senior Maize training squad focuses on developing swimmers into Senior Blue. Workouts consist of a combination of technique work, intensive training, and are accompanied by our dry land program. Swimmers in this group consistently compete at a high level at the club and high school level.

Senior Blue (ages 14-18)

Training Sessions = 8

Dry-Land Sessions = 6


  • 1x NCSA Junior National Cut or 3,000 IMX Score
  • 90% attendance, and coaches recommendation

Members of Senior Blue make a year round commitment to the sport of swimming and Club Wolverine. Our goal is to consistently qualify and compete at USA Swimming’s Jr. National Championships, USA Swimming’s National Championships, and Olympic Trials. Training is specialized to the individual, accompanied by advanced technical skills.