Welcome to the Club Wolverine Fall 2022 tryouts!

Our next tryout will take place on August 28, 2022 at the U of M Canham Natatorium (500 E. Hoover Ave). Parents and swimmers will enter through the museum (by track) and check in. Swimmers will be called into the pool by a coach and escorted to the tryout lanes, while parents can observe from the stands.

Please click your preferred date below (when available) to sign-up. Be sure to include names, ages, contact information of phone # and email address.

Please be on time to help us stay on schedule!

Each tryout is approximately 15 minutes in length. Swimmers will be asked to demonstrate strokes while a coach evaluates the level of skill to determine a group placement. Parents will fill out a form and remain off the pool deck during the tryout. Information regarding group schedules, equipment, required attendance, registration, fees, and more will be provided.  Questions can be asked following the tryout. All families will be notified with approval of registration personally with an email.

Any questions regarding tryouts should be directed to [email protected]