How to Join? and Types of Memberships:

Please read below to find more information and documents about registering as USA Swimming members through North Dakota Swimming.

Swimmers: In order to entered meets sanctioned by North Dakota Swimming, you must be a member of USA Swimming. There are several ways to register. If you belong to a team that is a member of USA Swimming, ask your coach. Usually the team registers its swimmers. If you don’t belong to a team, you can register “unattached.” We offer both year round and seasonal memberships to athletes. We also offer reduced price memberships to swimmers with economic need.

Coaches: Coaches who work with USA Swimming registered swimmers must be coach members of USA Swimming. Register through North Dakota Swimming as a non-athlete member.

Clubs: In order to participate in meets sanctioned by North Dakota Swimming, the club must be a club member of USA Swimming. Member clubs pay an annual membership fee to North Dakota and have certified USA Swimming member coaches.

Officials and Volunteers: Officials are trained at clinics run by North Dakota Swimming. Officials must be members of USA Swimming, registered through North Dakota Swimming. Some club volunteers should also be members. Officials and volunteers register as non-athlete members.