Meets bid and approved at the Spring HOD meeting held in Fargo in May 2018.


Long Course

June 1                                                    AQST - Early Bird  (Hytek)  (PDF)

June 5                                                    FMY  (Hytek)   (PDF)

June 8-9                                                 WSL Invite (Hytek)  (PDF)

June 14-15-16                                        NLSA Invite (Hytek) (PDF)

                                                               MMSC (Hytek) (PDF)

June 22-23                                             MSC (Hytek) (PDF)

June 22-23                                             RRV (Hytek) (PDF)

June 28-30                                             WFF P/F  (Hytek) (PDF)

July 3                                                      FMY  (Hytek) (PDF)

July 12-13-14                                          AQST (Hytek) (PDF)

July 20                                                    RRV (Hytek) (PDF)

July 26-27-28                                         LC State (Hytek) (PDF)

August 1-4                                              CZ 14 & U Championship - West Fargo


18-19 Short Course Season (SC)                                                                                                    Meet Results

November 10-11                                    WFF                                                                             (PDF)   (Hytek)

November 16-17-18                               FMY Gators                                                                  PDF      Hytek

November 18                                         Minot Pentathalon                                                         PDF       Hytek

November 27                                         WSL - Orange and Blue I Squad                                  PDF        Hytek

December 1                                           MMSC                                                                          PDF         Hytek

December 2                                           AQST - Stevie Steele Memorial Invitational                  PDF         Hytek

December 8                                           RRV - Santa Invite                                                       PDF          Hytek

December 9                                           FMY - I Squad                                                             PDF           Hytek

                                                              WSL - Minot Dual                                                        PDF            Hytek


January 5                                                DDST - Winter Freeze                                              PDF             Hytek

January 6                                                ASK - Dagny Knutson Classic                                   PDF            Hytek

January 12 - 13                                       JAWS Invitational                                                      PDF             Hytek

January 18-19-20                                    AQST Cat 5 Invitational                                           PDF              Hytek

January 19-20                                         Midwest Allstarts - Team ND                                    PDF              Hytek

January 26-27                                         Minot Winter Fun                                                    PDF              Hytek

January 27                                              FMY MidWinter Classic                                           PDF              Hytek

Feb 2-3                                                    WSL Invitational                                                     PDF              Hytek

Feb 8-10                                                  WFF                                                                      PDF             Hytek

Feb 16-17                                                MMSC                                                                    PDF              Hytek

Feb 22-24                                                RRV                                                                       PDF               Hytek

March 2                                                   WSL - Last Chance                                                PDF               Hytek

March 3                                                   DDST                                                                      PDF              Hytek

                                                                WFF                                                                       PDF               Hytek

March 8-9                                                FMY                                                                       PDF               Hytek

March 10                                                 Minot Last Chance                                                 PDF             Hytek

March 15-16-17                                       SC State Championship Meet - West Fargo          See Meet Page