2019 - 2020 ND Swimming Meet Schedule

Meet Schedule was Bid and Awarded at the Spring 2019 HOD Meeting

2019-2020 Short Course Season

October 27 - NLSA Marlins  (Meet Info)  (Event File)     (Results HyTek)   (Results PDF)
November 17 - West Fargo Flyers (Meet Info) (Event File)    (HyTek Results)
November 17 - Aquastorm (U Mary Invite)  (Meet Info)    (Event File)     (HyTek Results)
November 19 - WSL Intersquad (Meet Info)  (Event File)
November 22-24 - FM Gators  (Event File)  (Order of Events)  (Meet Info)  (HyTek Results)    (PDF Results)
November 24 - MSC Pentathlon (Event File)  (Meet Info)    (HyTek Results)     (PDF Results)
December 7 - MMSC (Event File)    (Meet Info)    (PDF Results)
December 8 - Steele Memorial (AQST) (Meet Info)    (Event File)  (HyTek Results)   (PDF Results)
December 7 - RRV - Santa Invite  (Meet Info)      (Event File)  (HyTek Results)  (PDF Results)
December 8 - FMY Candy Cane I-Squad  (Meet Info)   (Event File)  (HyTek Results)
December 15 - MSC / WSL Dual (Meet Info) (Event File)  (HyTek Results)  (PDF Results)
December 15 - NLSA Marlins  (Meet Info)    (Event File)
January 4 - DDST Winter Freeze  (Meet Info)    (Event File)    (HyTek Results)    (PDF Results)
January 5 - Minot Sprint Spectacular    (Meet Info)    (Event File)  (HyTek Results)  (PDF results)
January 5 - NLSA Marlins   (Event File)    (Meet Info)   (HyTek Results)    (PDF Results)
January 17-19 - AQST Category 5 Meet    (Meet Info)    ( Event File(HyTek Results)    (PDF Results)
January 26 - FMY Mid-winter Invite   (Meet Info)    (Event File)  (HyTek Results)  (PDF Results)
Feb 1 & 2 - JAWS Winter Blast    (meet info)     ( event file(HyTek Results)  (PDF Results)
Feb 8 &9 - WFF    (Meet Info)    (Event File)  (HyTek results)  (PDF Results)
                  MSC Winter Fun Meet (Meet Info)   (Event File)  (HyTek Results)  (PDF Results)
Feb 16 - NLSA Marlins  (Meet Info)   (Event File)  (HyTek Results)
Feb 22 & 23 - MMSC  (Meet Info)    (Event File)  (HyTek Results)   (PDF Results)
Feb 29 - WSL Last Splash    (Meet Info)  (Order of Events)  (Event File)  (HyTek Results)
March 1 - DDST Consolation Meet  (Meet Info)  (Event File)  (HyTek Results)   (PDF Results)

2020 - Long Course Meet Schedule

July 27 - Williston Intrasquad
August 3 - Aquastorm Intrasquad
August 6-7 -- WFF Summer Survival