Important Dates and Deadlines:

2018-2019 SC and 2019 Long Course Calendars bidding will occur at the Spring 2018 ND LSC HOD Meeting.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Sanction of Meets

Request of Meet Sanction/Approval/Observation - Request for sanction along with appropriate fees are due 12 weeks prior to the start of the meet

Meet Information including Event File - Should be sent to ND LSC Age Group Chair for review and approval no later than 8 weeks prior to the start of the meet.

It is the responsibility of the host club to invite/distribute meet information. 

After seeding the meet, session reports submitted to the ND LSC Age Group Chair & the ND LSC Officials Chair.  

After completion of the meet, meet results (PDF & Hytek Event File) need to be submitted to the ND LSC Age Group Chair.  Within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the meet, payment of ND LSC Fees needs to be submitted.

The following forms have been removed from the NDLSC Policy Manual.

Meet Checklist (Used to verify all information is submitted when requesting a sanction. Does not need to be submitted with meet information nor sanction request). - Updated 04/09/17

Meet Information Template revised 10/18/20 - Meet information needs to be submitted 8 weeks prior to the meet. (Per policy, all meets in the ND LSC must follow the Meet Information Template approved at Spring 2015 ND LSC HOD Meeting)

Meet Request Forms:

Sanctioned Meet:  PDF (Mail)           Google Form (online submission)

Approved Meet:    PDF (Mail)      Google Form (online submission)                        

Observed Meet:  PDF             Google Form (online submission) (non-season culminating)

Observed Meet:  PDF             Google Form (online submission) (season culminating)

Post Meet Documents

Financial Summary Report:  PDF


Official Check in form (New Referee Report 2012)

State Meet Templates

Short Course State Championships Meet Template

Long Course State Championships Meet Template (updated 7/20/13 SAM)

Age Group Chair Forms

Sanction Request/Approval Worksheet

All completed forms should be sent to the current NDLSC Age Group Chair