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Welcome to North Dakota Swimming. We are the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) that governs and administers USA Swimming in the state of North Dakota. We sanction competitions, register swimmers, coaches, clubs and volunteers, train officials, run educational programs and much more. We are a non profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

OUR MISSION: Providing opportunities for athletes to achieve lifelong success through swimming
OUR VISION: Swim Now - Lead Forever 

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2021 North Dakota Swimming, Board of Director Chairs for Election

North Dakota Swimming Membership, It doesn’t feel like we are at this point in planning already this new year, but at the House of...

By Bret Haglund

Club Directory Updated

The club directory has been updated as of 12/22/2020.

By ND Swimming - LSC

Amended North Dakota State Executive order will allow practices to resume 11/30/2020; competitions to resume 12/14/2020


By Bret Haglund

North Dakota Governor's Executive Order 2020-43: includes "club sports" and suspension of activity until December 14, 2020

NDLSC Membership, North Dakota Governor's Executive Order regarding athletic "Club" activities: https://www.governor.nd.gov/sites/www/files/documents/executive-orders/Executive%20Order%202020-43.pdf

By Bret Haglund

Short Course State - Split Meet

Apparently this email did not go out to all of the intended recipients, so I apologize if you're seeing this for the second time....

By Brian Toay

USA Swimming September Sanctions Update

Dear members, We remain focused on supporting our teams and members in their return to training and their continued progression through our “crawl, walk,...

By Bret Haglund

USA Swimming - Tech Suit Restriction for 12-and-Under Swimmers

Monday, August 24, 2020 Tech Suit Restriction for 12-and-Under Swimmers by USA Swimming The tech suit restrictions, proposed by the Age Group Development Committee,...

By Bret Haglund

North Dakota Swimming BoD Meeting 8/16/2020; Policy Revisions

North Dakota Swimming Board of Directors Meeting 8/16/2020; Policy Revisions Policy revisions per BoD vote: Due to current COVID climate, reduction in pool availability...

By Bret Haglund

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