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Welcome to North Dakota Swimming. We are the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) that governs and administers USA Swimming in the state of North Dakota. We sanction competitions, register swimmers, coaches, clubs and volunteers, train officials, run educational programs and much more. We are a non profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

OUR MISSION: Providing opportunities for athletes to achieve lifelong success through swimming
OUR VISION: Swim Now - Lead Forever 

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Club Directory Update

The club directory was updated to include changes resulting from USA Swimming Registration reconciliation against the information provided by the teams.

By ND Swimming - LSC

Tents Awarded to All USA Swimming Member Clubs

USA Swimming Safe Sport-Branded Pop-Up Changing Tents To: LSC General Chairs, LSC Admin Vice-Chairs, LSC Permanent Offices, LSC Staff, LSC Safe Sport Chairs/Coordinators, Head...

By ND Swimming - LSC

Club Directory Update

The club directory has been updated with changes across 5 teams, and at the LSC level, totaling over 30.

By ND Swimming - LSC

USA Swimming Adds Two Summer Events to 2021 National Calendar

USA Swimming Adds Two Summer Events to 2021 National Calendar Futures Championships and Speedo Summer Invitational to be held across multiple sites COLORADO SPRINGS,...

By ND Swimming - LSC

Board Athlete Representative Election Results

Hello everyone, The results from the 2021 NDLSC Board Athlete Representative Election are finalized and as follows: Junior Athlete Representative: Tierney Howell At Large...

By Megan Schill

Change to North Dakota Swimming Policy 3.4, modification of 3.4.B. Mask Requirement

Change to North Dakota Swimming Policy 3.4, modifcation of 3.4.B. Mask Requirement North Dakota Swimming Board of Directors voted 3/12/2021 to approve a change...

By Bret Haglund

2021 North Dakota Swimming, Board of Director Chairs for Election

North Dakota Swimming Membership, It doesn’t feel like we are at this point in planning already this new year, but at the House of...

By Bret Haglund

Amended North Dakota State Executive order will allow practices to resume 11/30/2020; competitions to resume 12/14/2020


By Bret Haglund

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