State Meet Working Committee

Charge Description:

This committee is charged to deliver to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates, a set of recommendations regarding the following topics;

  • Age Group Setup.  Specifically, to address scoring, 19 and over category, and Open category.
  • Meet File Setup for ease of entry and ease of meet management
  • Relay Entry issues
  • Points and Award
  • Extended discussion had regarding meet file setup / order of events – age group chair ownership, etc
  • Susan Draper (Age Group Chair) prefers to keep involvement extensive in feedback on the file setup, etc…



  • Jeff Steele – Committee Chair
  • Pat Anderson
  • Talia Butrey
  • Rachael Carter
  • Liv Hettinger
  • Jennifer Schmidt
  • JoDee Devaney
  • Megan Schill
  • Lisa Kramer
  • DDST Athlete (From Jenna Wolf)
  • Madeline Elseth