Our Mission

To inspire our Athletes to
success in swimming and in life within a safe environment.



Our Vision

Compete. Succeed. Lead.
One Stroke at a Time



WSL Board Members

The Williston Sea Lions (WSL) is a not-for-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
The WSL Board meets 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the ARC.

Please submit any agenda items to: [email protected] 
To respect everyone's time, only agenda items will be presented and discuss during board meetings.

Parents are invited to join us for these open board meetings. If you are interested in serving on the board, please submit a new Board Member Questionnaire

WSL Board of Directors


Executive Committee

President - Rae Carter
[email protected]

Vice President - Kim Wenko
[email protected]

Treasurer - Rebecca Schug
[email protected]

Secretary - Kristina Zimmerman
[email protected]

Board Member - Chris Huravitch 
[email protected]

Board Member Chairs

Volunteer Chair - Rae Carter
[email protected]

Equipment Chair - Chris Huravitch
[email protected]

Fundraising Chair - OPEN
[email protected]

Officials Chair - Jessica Hansen
[email protected]

Registration Chair - OPEN
[email protected]

Safety & Disability Chair - Rhonda Floyd
[email protected]

Spirit Chair - Krista Pierce
[email protected]

AO Chair - Susan Draper
[email protected]

Athelete Representatives
Airabella Carter - [email protected]

Kaylynn Reily - [email protected]

Susie Schug - [email protected]

WSL Board of Directors Descriptions

new Board Member Questionnaire 

Board Members are volunteers who agree to be a part of the team charged by our bylaws with the authority to make decisions affecting the governance, direction and policies of our club. Each Board member is elected for a two-year term and may run again for the Board once their term expires. Under our bylaws, the Head Coach is a non-voting member of the Board. The Board, in turn, appoints board members from among its members and the Williston community. A Board Member must serve on the board prior to being elected as an officer e.g. President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
The purpose of serving on the board is to safeguard the future of the organization,  cultivate the best in others, to support the mission and vision of the club by positively uniting our relationships in the club and partners in our community. The Board should be a cohesive group that works together and draws upon our strengths to get things done, set a healthy culture and be creative problem solvers.
A list of the WSL board positions and descriptions are located on our website: https://www.teamunify.com/team/czndwsl/page/home
The essential role of the Board is to: 
safeguard the future of the organization,  cultivate the best in others, to support the mission and vision of the club
ensure the financial well-being of the club
•      board members to review and adhere to the WSL policies, procedures and code of conduct (posted on the WSL website)
ensure the fulfillment of the club’s policies and code of conduct 
adhere to the NDLSC and USA Swimming SafeSport mission and policies 
hire, support, and evaluate the development of Head Coach
Among these functions are other related duties such as the setting of policy.
In addition, individual Board Members may take on one or more operational functions because of the club. 
As a result, the Board inevitably discusses some operational issues at the Board level that would typically not be dealt with by a purely policy-oriented Board.
These operational responsibilities, however, do not extend to what happens on a day-to-day basis in the pool and on the pool deck, or any other matters relating to coaching. The Board has oversight of the coaching staff and the WSL swimming program to ensure USA Swimming and WSL policies and code-of-conduct are aligned.  The Head Coach is exclusively responsible for the growth, development and welfare of the WSL swim program and swimmers. The Board gives the Head Coach the responsibility to positively develop the growth of the program and staff. The Board has the authority to resolve situations and disciplinary matters, as mentioned in the WSL policies, code of conduct and handbook.