Our Mission

To inspire our Athletes to
success in swimming and in life within a safe environment.



Our Vision

Compete. Succeed. Lead.
One Stroke at a Time



WSL Checklist 

There are several ways for WSL families to stay connected with each other and the coaching staff during this time.  Below is a simple checklist for keeping your swimmer and family current and in shape over the next several weeks.

  • Download CREW app. 
    Add Parents AND Swimmer (if appropriate)

  • Check social media for updates, challenges, workouts, & more

  • Stay Active! - walk, run, swim, or find another fun way to move your body

  • Keep a gratitude journal and keep your mind focused on those things.


Mindset & Mental Training Resources

Click on the links below to listen to various Ted Talks and other resources focused on swimming, leadership, perseverence, and various other topics.