Our Mission

To inspire our Athletes to
success in swimming and in life within a safe environment.



Our Vision

Compete. Succeed. Lead.
One Stroke at a Time



The Athlete Committee is made up of the Club Athlete Representatives and led
by the Senior and Junior Athlete Representatives. The athletes help the LSC
determine what to do more of, what to change, and how the athletes can better
be served by the LSC.

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The Purpose of Athlete Representatives
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To represent the athletes of North Dakota Swimming, to promote athlete knowledge and participation within the Board of Directors and committees, and provide a sustainable process to recruit and train new athlete representatives.

As athletes representing other athletes, we will:

  • Have Athlete Representation equal to 20% on all committees and House of Delegates

  • Conduct monthly conference calls and have minimally semi-annual meetings

  • Help non-athlete members understand the value of the unique perspective that athlete members bring to the table

OUR MISSION: Providing opportunities for athletes to achieve lifelong success through swimming
OUR VISION: Swim Now - Lead Forever 
Senior Athlete Rep: Liv Olson (RRV)   
Junior Athlete Rep: OPEN                       
Athlete At-Large Rep: Eric Anderson (NLSA) and Abby Triplett (WFF)