Our Mission

To inspire our Athletes to
success in swimming and in life within a safe environment.



Our Vision

Compete. Succeed. Lead.
One Stroke at a Time



Scholarship Application

Please complete and return to [email protected]

One Application is needed for each swimmer applying for the scholarship.


Athlete’s Name: ______________________ Age: ______Level: ________

Parent’s Name: ________________________          Phone: _______________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________

How Long have you been a part of WSL? ____________

Monthly Dues (Not including meet or USA swimming fees): __________________

Have you ever applied for a WSL Scholarship before? __________ When: __________

Do you have any other WSL Swimmers in the home? ______ How many? ________

Please write a brief description of why you are applying for a WSL Scholarship and how it would benefit you and your family and why you are excited to be a Sea Lion. Please include any information you feel is important for us to know.






I understand that this application does not guarantee my swimmer a full or partial scholarship. I understand that any monies awarded are only able to be put towards monthly club fees and can not be used to cover any equipment costs, meet fees, USA Swim Registration fees or unfulfilled volunteer hours. I understand that if I am awarded this scholarship, I will be expected to fulfill all volunteer hours as required by WSL (20 hours per family) and that a failure to fulfill those hours will result in the revocation of my scholarship. I also agree that I will keep my swimmer’s USA Swimming registration in good standing and will strive to be a positive member of the WSL family and will adhere to all rules and expectations as outlined in the WSL codes of conduct.


Parent Signature: __________________________          Date: ___________