Welcome and thank you for diving in with the Williston Sea Lions!  

We're excited that you are interested in  "Becoming An Official".

A  few benefits of Becoming an Official

  • Be cooler on deck than in the stands.
  • Help support an excellent sport and promote a healthy lifestyle for children.
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of swimming in particular, and sports in general.
  • Fulfill volunteer obligations at Club Meets.
  • Get closer to the action; know what's happening with the "best seat" in the pool.
  • Get mentally and physically engaged during the Meet rather than merely "spectating."
  • Receive free admission and great hospitality during sessions officiated.

START by printing and completing the attached Non-Athlete Application then email to: chrissyluthy@gmail.com. 
Shortly after, you will have access to complete STEPS 2-4 (below).  
Completion of each requirement, you'll receive a completion email or certificate, please forward those LSC required documents to: chrissyluthy@gmail.com.

FINAL Step in Becoming An Official is to attend 6 Stroke & Turn Apprenticeship sessions at any swim meet. After 2-3 session, you will want to complete the online Stroke & Turn test.  Then complete the remaining apprenticeship sessions. Once you've completed 6 days/sessions of Apprenticing, please return the Apprenticeship Form to WSL Officials Chair -Shane Peterson. He will then sign the form and submit it to the ND LSC.  

  1. Print, complete and email Non-Athlete Application (above) to chrissyluthy@gmail.com
  2. Criminal Background Check Application
    Click on the under Option
    (5 minutes to complete)
    Background Check Program
    You will pay for the background check and then submit/email the invoice for reimbursement
  3. Athlete Protection Training
    Click on “APT is Mandatory Training.”
    (RENEWAL: 15 minutes / NEW: 45-60 minutes to complete)
  4. Concussion in Sports (free online test)
    Click on Concussion in Sports to begin
  5. Stroke & Turn Test (free online test)
    Click on the “Officials Online Testing
    At the bottom of the page, click on "Start or Resume Online Test".
    Go to the “Start Test” box and select “Certification – Stroke & Turn/Timer.”
    On this page you'll have access to the 2019 RULEBOOK to reference for ALL ONLINE TESTS.
  6. Complete on-deck 6 sessions shadowing a certified official
    *Attend and sign-in at the Officials' Briefing for at each swim meet that you'll be apprenticing.  Inform the Meet Referee that you are apprenticing as a Stroke & Turn Official for the Williston Sea Lions Club.

Thank you,

Williston Sea Lions!